Thursday, June 10, 2004

boring boring bored bored bored or Have I Lost My Running Mojo

NOTHING happening.

Chris was off yesterday. We shopped (bought some AWESOME new stripety capris!!). Bought some trees (apple and pear, did you know it was TACKY to plant such trees in your front yard?)
Ate some bbq-d food.

I was all set to go running, and by that I really do mean dressed, shoed, hydrated and waiting for Avril on the front step. Then the rain started...and Avril hates the rain. So at 5:55pm she called and let me know she would not be joining me OR picking me up. Now the rest of the club leaves the store for a run at about 6pm. And usually I could jump in the truck and make it there in time to find someone to run with. Last night? I took off my hat and fired up the barbie(Q not mattel). I didn't run AGAIN! What is wrong with me! I am going to BALLOON and lose all sorts of endurance. Was planning on running tonight but can't as I have stained glass class.
I WANT TO RUN, I just can't seem to get it together to get out and actually do it.

My Dad made in home safely from the frozen tundra and will be visiting us, along with my mother on the weekend for a bit.
That should be interesting. My kids miss him a lot. He is the kind of man that as soon as he touches a baby, it cuddles down and goes straight to sleep. He will sit in his lazy boy for 3 hours straight with a sleeping baby. I've seen it.

My mother, on the other hand is a cold hearted bitch. Well not always a bitch, but always cold. Babies are very anxious around her and like to keep her at arms length. Not that she's mean to them or anything. But it's like after giving birth to 5 of her own, she's empty of any baby squishiness or something. She has no more cuddles to give.

Anyway they are coming down here with the sole purpose of spoiling my children rotten. As far as I can tell that's it! A new bike for the Breadman, a new climber for Shmoopsie. (new running shoes for me HEEE!)

So now I have to clean my house...and not just clean it. I mean CLEAN it. UBER CLEAN. Obsessive compulsive clean. And right now it's the opposite of all of that.