Tuesday, June 08, 2004

For Now We'll Call him Tom.

C went out to lock up the truck lastnight. He was gone a long time. So I went to investigate on my way to bed. I found him standing (shirtless in jammie pants) in the middle of our front yard flower garden looking up at our roof.

There was something up there, we could hear it scurrying in the eaves trough and squeaking...kind of.
C was CONVINCED it was something in dire need of help so he grabbed the closest wildlife saving tool...the rake (and not that wimpy flexible leaf kind)! So there he was, shirtless in the garden, sticking a rake blindly into the eaves.
The rustling stopped for a minute, clearly assessing this strange new threat and it's makeshift weapon. But resumed quite shortly afterwards either confused by the rake and ignoring it or completely panicked by the rake and making an effort to scare it off.

Immediately C flew into the house and up the stairs to our bedroom. I gathered the dogs, locked the front door (put the dangling rake away) and raced up behind him. I found our bedroom empty. The curtain in our window was clearly moved and the screen appeared to be MISSING from our window.

That's right he was ON THE ROOF! (there is a tiny roof outside out bedroom window). By the time I get to the window he had "saved" the animal so much that it had worked it's way down the eaves trough to the neighbours side of the house (we own a semi...yes not only are we WHITE TRASH but we're also POOR WHITE TRASH). C is now standing on their side of the roof holding on to the their window..their BEDROOM window trying to do god knows what to this poor animal that may or may not be stuck and in need of rescue.

Let me recap, my shirtless husband is standing on the neighbour's roof hanging on to their bedroom window, leaning precariously over the edge at MIDNIGHT.
Whatever animal was there was silent now, no doubt scared speechless by the deranged lunatic chasing it across a roof. So now it looks like he is there for NO REASON. Luckily (I think) the neighbours did not look out their window and I don't think C looked in theirs. Though I did see him peer into their closet window..apparently her's is WAY more organized than mine...bitch.

Now..I did take pictures of this...but I can't post them. You see, he doesn't know about this blog and if he happens to stumble upon it he maybe upset that he is IN it..in his jammies...on the roof...at midnight..

welcome to my life