Saturday, June 19, 2004

It's 8km to Hell

8km last night, no big mileage this week since we are starting half marathon clinic the first week in July.

8km on the road, I chose a route with some hills since I had been avoiding them when I shins were sore.

It was such a hard run! I've had 15k runs that were easier than that! I think it took us 45 minutes and there was more than one drink break. Of course I am a little hormonal and I think that played a role.

The last hill was agony. It's a hill that took me a 6 months to even be able to run. And even then it was with our coach behind me shouting "go go! You can do it!". Anyway of course I ran it last night. I have a thing about walking up hills now, I refuse to do it.
"this hill is my bitch" kind of thing.

Anyway I hope this isn't a new trend where my endurance suddenly bottoms out, just in time for half marathon training. That would not be pleasant.

In other news, I have a brother that is still in Yellowknife, and he told me that the other day an army plane DROPPED a missile on the golf course (yes they play golf in night in the summer!)it was unarmed and no one was hurt but still! How scary is that?