Monday, June 07, 2004

MONDAY! Bloody Monday.

It's Monday already and I don't feel like I've had a weekend. I didn't get to run at all this weekend. I didn't even get to sleep in instead. I have a feeling this is what the summer will be like. Whoa is me.

Chris worked ALL weekend. He is painting the outside of a century home in a nearby town. He had an older gentleman working for him. On Saturday this man fell from his ladder and shattered his elbow. SHATTERED IT! So Chris spent the day taking him to the hospital in that town for xrays and concussion exams. They were told he would have to go to Hamilton for surgery to wire his elbow back together. The man requested that they made arrangements for the operation in Kitchener as that is where he lives. Fine..done.
So the plan was for Chris to drive him back here to our house (where his car was parked) and Chris's father (the man's original long time friend and employer) would meet them and drive him to Kitchener. Well before they arrived my father in law called to tell me he couldn't meet them here and that maybe Chris should just drive the man back to the city in his car and father in law would bring chris back here.
Fine., I said that I didn't think Chris would mind that at all, and that I would get him to call as soon as he arrived.
When he arrived he told the man to get in his car and he would just come in and say hello and be right out.
So he comes in and I immediately tell him to call his father...while he is on the phone the man DRIVES away..drives himself HOME.
He is totally hopped up on goofballs and his right arm is in a half cast and completely immobilized. Not to mention he may very well be concussed as his head clearly came into contact with some hard surface.
Also, I should mention that a few years ago this man was at a stop light (sober!) and there was a motorcycle in from of him and a tractor trailer in from of the motorcycle. Apparently the other side of the light got a green and the man thought the green was for him, and immediately hit the gas....and the motorcycle...killing him instantly.

Needless to say no one was terribly excited that the prospect of a drugged man behind the wheel. But off he went. We assume he got home safe as the news didn't mention anything to the contrary.

AND as a result of being a man short, a two rain days last week. Chris had to work yesterday too. POOPY

My parents are coming this weekend. I will let you know how I feel about that as the time draws nearer.

Also, Old Mill race tomorrow night...haven't decided if I am going to do it or not. I haven't been able to train really. My last few runs have included no hills (sad I know). And this course is H-I-L-L-Y! But soo beautiful and it's at 7:00pm! Neato!

Anywho...tah for now.