Monday, June 21, 2004

Moving right along....

OK, thanks to everyone who emailed and commented and told me that I wasn't the only bad parent in the world. HA just kidding. Thanks for sharing and making me feel a bit better.

Robin update:
Bernard is still with us. He eats lots of worms everyday. He flew a little bit yesterday from the couch to my HEAD! (which made me run around the room a little bit while screaming). He pooped on my keyboard lastnight. Hopefully soon he will fly away.

My life seems boring today. That's ok. Really I;ve had enough excitment.

B finishes school this week! ACK! I mean YAY!

Camping this weekend coming. THAT should be interesting. I am considering bringing a laptop so I can blog from there. I may need an intervention.

Running tonight, 12k I think. Not big distances till july 1st weekend.

More later when I have something to write about.