Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Normal Is A Relative Term.

My parents left yesterday and I swear to god I was so flipping tired that I did close to nothing all day. I blew bubbles with Shmoopsie in the back yard. We had subway for dinner and sat on the couch for the rest of the evening.

So today things are getting back to normal(ish). Noah and I will play all day outside more than likely. And tonight I will run 15 or 16k.
THANK GOD!!! I need to.

Our visit was good. The kids were sad to see them go. I was too actually, the visit was too short.

My small little inner running circle is falling apart. We rarely run together anymore and when we do, we are all going different distances. This convinces me more to sign up for the store's half marathon clinic. At least then I will consistantly have someone to run with. AND I get a free pair of running shorts (that I will never ever wear due to the enormity of my thighs).
So that means Run for the Grapes in September. Half marathon through wine country, (apparently with wine tasting afterwards.. WOOHOO). What am I thinking? A short chubby slow chick running a half marathon? My only wish is to NOT be last.

So maybe today...JUST MAYBE I can read some blogs but that all depends on how much sand Shmoopsie ingests this morning.