Saturday, June 05, 2004

Pet Peeves

I know I'm not perfect, I mean...FAR FROM it really but there are something about other people that truly bother me. And yes I may judge them harshly for it. BUT COME ON! The following is a list of things I despise.

(in no particular order really)
1. people that chew with their mouths open!
2. people that litter
3. people that berate their children
4. people that misuse the word "fetish" i.e. "I have a chair fetish" says the antique dealer. (do you like to have sex with them or on them? Do you lick them? Why are you telling me this, for I will surely not buy this chair now!)
5. People that pronounce it Cal-GARY not Calgary. (I don't live there but still.)
6."yous guys" (GAH!)
7.wet hair in public
8.difficult sending food back at restaurants, snippy to clerk etc.
9.little girls in slutty clothes!
10.grated cheese (other than Parmesan) on bruscetta (sp) lights at anytime after Jan 5th and before November 1st (and I am being liberal)
13.the fact that oreos can make you fat nosey back yard neighbours
15.the meter reader that leaves my back gate open
16.the fact that I am the worst house keeper in history.
17.that I am a slow runner
18.shin splints
19.politics. GOD HOW ANNOYING is this election! I don't want to vote of any of them! I have no idea what I will do on election day. I may just spoil my ballot.
20.people that smoke WHILE riding their bike
31.people at the drive-thru always assuming you want coke with that.

Now i know most of things are petty and stupid but every now and then I just can't take it anymore and I need to vent. Keep in mind there are a million more.
Tomorrow perhaps I will do the flip side.