Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A phenomenon in Stupid

Do you remember my new doggie Dori? She's little, she's cute, she's white and fluffy. She's dumb as a stick.

What is with that?
Yesterday we went out for about an hour. And had the audacity to leave Dori at home. We returned an hour later to an aroma so vile it's indescribable. I mean...it left Kensington Market smell in it's dust. It ate pig farm smell for breakfast. You have not smelled rank until you smelled my living room yesterday evening.

And there on the new luxurious area rug (of course) was a diaper once filled with poop, shredded to bits. Bits of poop all over the living room.


Shop vac was employed.
Blind vast vacuuming ensued.
And yet the stench lingered.
And lingered
And lingered

DORI had baby poop breath.

So let's regroup here.

Occasionally and usually several times a day..my BABY smells like baby poop. Consequently my garbage can smells like baby poop.
And now, my DOG smells like baby poop.


I should buy stock in Glade.

So I fed Dori a mint and all seems better now.

I am however, oddly curious as to what her poop will smell like today.
Well not THAT curious.