Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Run Run Run Run away

So I ran lastnight with someone that will be taking the half clinic with me. We did 10k at such a good pace.
It was one of those runs where I could've gone forever. But didn't since our training begins on Saturday (MORNING! YIKES!). Anyway it was nice to run and not feel like I am running at 110% racing through 12k trying to keep up with my two "friends" ahead of me.
Low and behold my legs didn't hurt climbing stairs this morning.

This weekend marks my 1 year anniversary to running, my group is getting together for a run and then dinner. We all during our couch -5k beginner clinic and have been running together ever since.

Man this summer holiday thing is really cramping my blogging! Not enough time to read enough blogs! Not enough time to write enough posts!

Damn those children! DAMN THEM and their summer holidays too!!