Tuesday, June 22, 2004


12k last night YET again in the rain.
you know in the beginning of summer or spring, running in the rain as opposed to snow is great and lovely and everyone wants to tip toe through the flipping tulips.

NOW? I am SICK of finishing my run in soggy shoes and clothes. Dri-fit my ASS!

But it was a new route that took us right (and I do mean RIGHT) past some cows.
Loved it.

Icing my shin as I type this, as the right one was giving me some grief this morning.
I hate my shins and I think it's safe to say that they hate me.

I have nothing else exciting to report.


That is how boring my life is.

Ooooohhh I had stir fry for dinner...how is that for exciting.
Then I had a shower since the sweat had crystallized on my face and I was a little wiffy.
(mind boggling I know)
And then (try not to lose your shit on this one) I sat on the couch and KNIT (knitted?) a mitten that for some reason has a VERY pointy top (I am learning...slowly apparently).