Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Shoes are better than.....

I love buying shoes..I really do.
I especially like buying running shoes.
You go in to get fitted. It's at least a half hour event.
And you spend a good amount of money. My new shoes cost me (with taxes) $175.95
And they will only last me for the next 4-6 months before I start hurting and needing new ones. Eek.'s story for you.
Running along..happy as a clam that my shins are not causing me to stop and stretch or stop and limp or stop and walk.
I am trotting at a nice even (read: slow) pace. My friend Avril and I are having a great chat about father's day gifts for our hubbies (She gave me a great idea I will pass along to you all at the end of this post) when suddenly we hear a ding a ling a ling. Oh you should know, that we are on a trail. The rail trail actually which links two cities and goes nicely through our town. It's a popular trail. . ding a ling a ling.
hmmm what's that sound?
ding a ling a ling
strange! As we look around...up in the trees..down at the ground. DUH! What could it be.
Finally Avril (clearly the brains in this running duo) looks BEHIND us and see a bike. He was still far enough a way that we could make room for him. So logically, Avril goes to one side and I go to the other. Not brilliant cause he has to ride on the little island of grass running up the middle. So we both decide we should be on the same side of the trail. Like a fricking comedy routine we change sides...both of us are now on opposite sides of the trail.
Mean while the man on the bike is now shouting "on the left, on the left"
I am shouting back "are you coming up on the left? Or do you want us on the left?"
And then we switched again.
And finally, Avril yelled at me to stay put, as and she joined me on my side (clearly I was the one with a handle on the situation). Bike man drove on by chuckling and shaking his head (I am sure he was speechless at our choreography).
There needs to be signs like in the subway escalator...walk left stand left bike right. I NEED to know these rules! is what Avril did on father's day when her kids were young.

She would give her kids cash and tell them to invite Dad for lunch (their treat) and then a mini putt game..ALONE. So Dad would be THRILLED to have the day with his kids and Avril would have the afternoon to herself.

Chris and the boys can go for lunch and mini-putt or movie..and I will have a beauty day! tea and magazines, maybe a facial and some cookies.