Thursday, June 03, 2004

Small Town Living

Aside from the obvious perks of moving back to a small town. There are some advantages that you just wouldn't (usually) find in a big city.
A couple of these things made themselves very clear to me this week.

I bought new shoes yesterday but did not give the store owner a penny. I did not even sign a slip. I simply was a given part of the receipt and told that it would be fine to pay whenever was good for me.

In the mail today came a hand addressed envelope, inside was a hand written note apologizing for the delay in getting our pizza last week or the week before (we hadn't even really complained just mentioned that it hadn't arrived yet when it was 30 minutes late. It mentioned hat our business was important to them and that they hoped to see us in their establishment again soon. Accompanying it was a couple for 2 medium 4 topping pizzas and a 2l bottle of pop.

Made me feel happy about living here all over again. In Kitchener this would never have happened. NEVER.

I mean I would've just had to wait till the weekend to buy my shoes and the pizza probably wouldn't have ever showed up and if it did it would've been cold.

I will take the time right now to report that my shins are feelin fine today! No more pain..clearly the week long rest helped! So did not running in worn out shoes. I can't wait to go out again tomorrow night. Sadly only 5k though.

What has happened to the manners of children?
I mean some of the crap these kids do when they come and play I would have been tarred and feathered for! Drawn and quartered even!

This afternoon a kid came looking for Brendan...they played out front for a bit then Brendan came in looking for something and went out the back door. This kid (whom I have met but twice!) OPENS my front door and shouts in 'BRENDAN!'
I was appalled. Can you imagine doing that? At house you barely know? Not to mention this kid only shows up to ask Brendan to go to the store so Brendan will buy him candy (we let him go once and they we caught on, besides 8 is too young to go to the store by yourself).
Also, everytime Bren has kids over in the backyard, they ask for food...or drinks, usually both.
Again...severe pain would have followed this for me.

Do you have any chocolate bars?

WHAM! A wooden spoon comes out of nowhere and knocks me on my ass.
That's how it would've been for me.
I wouldn't have even thought of ASKING for food at someone's house.

Kids these days.