Sunday, June 13, 2004


Yup, I'm in a snizzy. And it's ugly.

Friday...RAN! only about 8k, as traditionally friday is 5k night but it was PERFECT running weather so we went a little further. A really really good run.

Saturday looked something like this. scrub scrub scrub, organize organize organize, garden garden garden. scrub scrub scrub clean clean shop shop shop garden garden garden HOLY F#@K it's 5:30pm! cook cook cook!

My parents arrived a little late and a lot tired. We had a little dinner and a lot of chat.
We were up until after 2pm. Today was a wash.

Though C did build an awesome sand box.

I;ve take one of my mother's prescription sleeping pill and I am now beginning to lose all cohesion. Must sleep.

YAY to Rick for his resumed running.
If I can drag my fat ass down the street for 10k ANYONE can!