Wednesday, June 16, 2004

A Toddler After my Own Heart

My youngest boy has recently become obsessed with the fridge. He is CONSTANTLY in there. Sometimes sitting on the bottom shelf juggling eggs and tomatoes. C had a brilliant idea of cutting up some fruit and leaving in the a bowl on the bottom shelf so Shmoopsie can feel independent and have a healthy snack.

Today I made some whipped cream in our whipped cream maker (one of those jobbies that you put the compressed air in and shake er up and voila you have instant whipped cream). And after breakfast Shmoopsie and I had some strawberries and said cream for dessert (hey! Lots of people have dessert after breakfast don't judge me!). It was yummy yummy. We ate and went on with our day.

So JUST now I find ShmoopsieNoah in the fridge. Was he eating left over strawberries? No sir. Was he munching on tiny pieces of watermelon? Nope! Was he feeding the dog prosciutto? Not this time.
No, this time I find our little blond imp in the fridge free basing whipped cream directly from the maker. It was a Kodak moment but alas I use Fuji and it was not handy.