Friday, June 18, 2004

What the @#%&?

On Friday's B brings home all of his work from the week. It's called "The Friday File".
He has been doing this since the beginning of the year. He gets pretty good grades in school and tells us that most of the children think he is the smartest kid in the class.

We are pretty sure the teacher hates him and us. I am not even going to get into why I think that. But I will say that we never get picked as parent volunteers for field trips (we often go anyway) and even though B gets 100% on his spelling test 99% of the time (seriously) he NEVER gets a sticker (other children do). Bitch hates us! (could be the tattoos...not sure).

ANYWAY today he brings home his Friday file and in it is an assignment that is not finished on which she wrote "B had 2 40 minute periods to finish this"


If him not finishing assignments is an issue why am I only hearing about this on the 2nd last week of school!
What is wrong with her!

I'm going to key her car.