Monday, June 07, 2004

Whoa...who turned up the heat

I am embarrassed to say this. But I skipped my run tonight. To eat hamburgers with my family in the cool comfort of our air conditioned truck. It is SO freakin hot out. All of a sudden it;s hot.
And tomorrow it's supposed to be even hotter. I SHOULD'VE run and I hate myself for not running. I feel guilty about it. What is that about?

No wonder I still so much weight to lose!

The running posse is going to the race without me tomorrow night. They will be running in what will feel like 40 degrees Celsius OR FUCKING HOT! To almost all Canadians.

We don't have central air in this house. How archaic is that? When we have the money to have it installed, I have other things I can spend it on cause it's cooler out.

whoa is me.

Forgive me if I only whine my way through a post or two in the next few days.

Bought the Breadman a Slip'n'slide tonight. How much fun are those? How is I made it through 32 years without drunken slip'n'sliding (well this kind anyway).

I am sure that might change this summer. (my poor poor neighbours).

since the dogs took over the little swimmy pool, we bought Shmoopsie a little fire hyrdrant sprinkler. He doesn't use the pool anyway..and just wants to shake the hose around.

My money's on him having a concussion courtesy of said slip'n'slide by summers end. God willing there will be no broken bones, but I'm not holding my breath