Friday, June 18, 2004

You Can't Pick Your Family

My youngest sister (I have 2 younger than me and 1 older than me) was here last night. She lived with us for 5 years up until about a year ago.

Anyway she was here for dinner and a sleep over lastnight, we'll call her that's not nice, we shall call her Raging Lesbian!!! OK, so Raging Lesbian came over for dinner and we had watch N and B so C and I could run to the grocery store for a millisecond. We were gone less than a half an hour.

Now I will fully admit that N has been more than on top of his havoc wreaking game lately. But even I can keep him out of mischief for a half an hour.

We returned to find out that in our 30 minutes of abscense he had:

I) cleaned out the bottom kitchen drawer (junk drawer)and climbed in
II) flushed a sample size bag of jelly bellies down the toiler (there were MY jelly bellies)
III) somehow there is a stalk of celery sitting on my back deck. No reason, no rabbit or other wild life...just sitting there.
IV) he was completely naked
V) there are dinky cars in the vegetable crisper

Now I realise none of these things are earth shattering events but COME ON! In 30 minutes you should've been able to prevent at least the jelly belly incident!

Later I went to my stained glass course only to return 2 hrs later to find a BABY BIRD in a box on my dining room table.

Chris drove past him on the way TO stained glass and just couldn't resist "saving" him since he clearly is too young to fly and was walking around the road.

Box, bird, worms

enough said