Friday, June 25, 2004

Yup, First Day of Summer Holiday

And I'm up at 6:45am.
How is that justice?
Was I some sort of evil tyrant in another life?
How else would I deserve to have a poodle scratching on the bedroom door of the child whom not only doesn't normally go to school but he is the child that usually sleeps until 8am.
How is that fair?
AND today is the only day in weeks that C decided to "go in early" he had to go to the lumber store and to the "shop" before finishing some woman's floor and washroom. I am sure it's the first day of summer holiday for her too, so definitely she will be pleased to see him an hour early.
Well I better start packing...we're going camping this evening.

OH and the icing on the cake? The high for tomorrow is 14! FOURTEEN! (Celsius of course).