Saturday, July 31, 2004

Wet wet wet

This mornings run was good. Actually it was hard. It was only (only? ha) 12k but for some reason it was tough! And rainy! Sometimes VERY rainy!
But still a good run as no one was injured and we maintained a good chuckle the entire way.
We scoped out next weeks long run on the way home. OH MY GOD IT'S SOOO HILLY! A hilly hilly 17k.

In other news, while I was running up the last BIG hill of this weeks run, the girl behind caught up and announced to me that I now have "bulging" calf muscles!! (yes I kissed her full on the mouth. I considered some tongue)
How cool am I?

Seems I am not only forgiven for my mouth, but they think I have been a victim of the a bully! More than one of them received emails about me. I am not pleased about this, but will resist stirring the pot further. We rarely see her anymore anyway.

So now I will go and eat and be happy that I still have friends who have made it a point to tell me that they hope I don't feel like I should sensor myself in the future.

Yawn and Stretch

I would just like to point out that it's ten to six in the morning and I'm up...again.
And today?
It's raining...but NOT thundering. Oh no, no thunder that would postpone our run until tomorrow.
And that's clearly not going to happen.

Friday, July 30, 2004

And It All Blew Over

Well mostly.
There are still a few people not speaking to each other.
But for the most part. NO ONE IS MAD AT ME!
How can this be?
I started a war. (albeit by accident)
Stood on the side lines and watched it unravel.
Not really contributing too much, other than to inadvertantly kick some fallen combatant.
And today? As the smoke clears and the bodies are being bull dozed into mass graves?
I am relatively unscathed.
Barely scraped really.

I don't understand.

It's turned out that only one person is being juvenile and ridiculous (and NO it's not me!!!) and she is the one who has freaked out and made matters much worse with every single stinging email she sent.

And it looks like no one is talking to her (maybe including me...but I hate confrontation so I doubt it).
Meanwhile, everyone is talking to me.
In fact the words "no one blames you for any of this" were emailed me this morning.

I like that.

Thursday, July 29, 2004


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Meet Chris's sunburn.

They just don't make em like they used to Posted by Hello

We recently purchased a Mr Potatoe head for Noah.  Thinking he would have hours and hours of fun, rearranging Mr Spud with his various pieces into funny faces.

He came with NO extra pieces!
1 hat
1 set of eyes
1 mouth (toothy grin)
1 set of shoes
1 set of arm
1 set of ears
1 nose (red oval)
Where is the fun in that?
And the hat? Not the black bowler it once was, it's a green ball cap!
Mr's Potatoe head doesn't wear ball caps! He is far to much of a gentlemen for that!

My mother claims that her spud was an actual spud with pieces you jammed into it. I'm not sure I believe her, although she IS from Newfoundland.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

He said she said.

Oh my god.
I have started a riot in my running group.
I didn't even mean too.

Last week while I was away I got an email from one of my running mates saying she was at the park stretching after a run and she over heard some other people that she didn't know, complaining about some of the half marathoner (or soon to be half marathoners). They thought that some people didn't belong in the group and that our coach should be running more with the slower people and telling them they are in over their heads.

I am in the slower group (obviously). I totally took offense to it (obviously) but I got over it quickly and then thought it was funny.

On our Saturday run, I was out ahead of the rest of my slow little gaggle with one girl, and I (stupidly) mentioned it to her, as marathoners came whizzing past us. We sort of joked about it and let it go.

Now it has totally been blow out of proportion and the person that told me is pissed that I told someone else. (how am I supposed to know it;'s a secret).
The girl I told is upset that it was even mentioned in the first place. Everyone is pissed at everyone.

I apologized for passing on stuff I wasn't supposed to (but come on it was 2nd hand to begin with!!). And now now one is mad at me, but it seems like they are mad at each other.
So our group of 6 (inside a group of 20 or 30) has broken into 1 group of 3 and 1 group of 2, with me loitering around in the middle. And it seems to be all my fault. Isn't that hilarious? I mean ...WOW! one comment and whammo! All hell breaks loose.

Interesting. I will just be sitting of here chewing on my size 4 shoe in my size 12 mouth if you need me.

MY Bed

I spent 6 nights sleeping on my mom's (lumpy) sofa-bed.  It was NOT comfy in the least. I had sore hips from it. We then came home and I spent 3 nights sleeping with my husband on our son's (double) bottom bunk. We were crowded and Brendan flipped and flopped on the top bunk and shook us awake every hour or so.

On Monday my parents went home. I changed our bed, changed our duvet covers and fluffed our pillows.  Monday night we crawled into bed and were amazed at the difference in a double bed and queen size bed. Size really does matter! (like we didn't already know that, right girls?)

I LOVE my bed. It's about 9 or 10 years old now but man alive I will travel for days to get back to it. Mind you any bed that I call mine I will travel for. I think I hate sleeping in someone else's bed.  Even when Chris and I were first living together and still fun.  I would leave a party in the next town to come home to our bed.  Stumbled across the apartment till I found it. Poor Chris has had to bring me home to bed from more places.

Here's a funny story from a few years ago....before I got pregnant with Noah (don't judge me).

I worked with a COOKY woman who was clearly an underdog.  She was morbidly obese and a little emotionally volatile (to say the least). So of course I befriended her.  She was a nice woman. Anyway she hounded me for WEEKS to come to her house after work for a drink. We had a week every month when we worked until mid-night, so one Friday I finally gave in and said I would stop for a drink. Chris was picking me up and we would both join her as my sister was babysitting Brendan. She had no ride home so we drove her.
So we get to her little house and to say it's a little weird would be an understatement. She sleeps off the kitchen in one room with her 2 children (also weird and I mean REALLY weird) even though there are 4 bedrooms on the second floor. Her dog Wilson has pretty much eaten the pedestal from her pedestal table.

She offers us each a cooler, I accept, sit down and open. Sip sip sip...she says  "hey lets go out back"
Ok we say. She plops the baby that we just woken up in a baby seat (bucket style) and sits her on the deck (this kid could walk, she was about a year old). She lights up a joint! Chris and I are mortified that she is smoking a joint in front of her kid!
She is just puffing away and offers us some. We panic....and TAKE IT!

What are we thinking? It's been years since either of us have done anything like this (save for the occasion re-union). Some while later, Wilson is jumping and biting my ass and no one wants to help me stop until I scream "Can someone get  this dog off my ass?". T (the woman) is smoking like a fiend. Chris and I are stoned and NOT HAPPY.

We go back to this woman's kitchen to sit and finish our cooler and allow chris to get a handle on things before we drive home.

She starts talking so weird....about how she understands if  I want to leave and blah blah blah etc. The whole time, her youngest daughter is sitting on her lap bouncing around. It's totally freaking me out.
So Chris and I decide to bail there is MAYBE an inch gone from my drink. Chris hasn't even touched his....maybe he didn't have one. I can't really remember.
Anyway we say good bye and thanks (I guess) and run for our van. Once we get inside we realize that we are REALLY stoned. I mean REALLY stoned. We had only been in the house for 20 minutes! Chris knows he shouldn't be driving, but we can't sit in her drive way much longer, so we pull out.
We have to go through one major(ish) intersection before hitting our country road that takes us home.
As we make the turn we pass a cop.
We panic.
Chris is traveling at 30km/hr.
I am so tense my teeth (and my butt) hurt.
This is no fun! NO FUN AT ALL.
SLOWLY we make it home. We do eventually giggle when we realize that Calvary is not behind us. *phew*.
We get home and tip toe to the front door. Peeking in the side light. giggle giggle"She's still up!" "NO!" giggle"OK what do you wanna do??"giggle "We can't go in there" giggle giggle
At this point my sister saunters over and opens the front door, apparently she thought we were locked out and that's why she stayed up.
She goes to bed.
double *phew*
10 minutes later she comes back down to find us stuffing oreos into our faces and watching the Home Shopping Channel.
"we totally need that"
"oh yeah for sure"
"It fits UNDER THE BED!"
"I know! How convenient is that!" giggle giggle giggle
She stands for about 2 seconds and then goes "Are you guys high?"
"we were ate T's house...and she's really weird. She keeps giving me stuff and stuff and her some of her ceilings are like normal height and some are like short."

So busted.

This is one of her favorite tales.

This remains the last time Chris and I have ever gotten high.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Totally tooting my own horn.

10k run tonight. SUPER cool night (19 degrees). Ran with a man I have run done most of my long(ish) runs with.

I ran my 10k in 61.45  tonight.  A personal best for me. At 5k we were at 29 minutes and I, we are clipping along (for me anyway). The last half of the route is hilly (not unlike the first half but you know hills suck more near the end) and we slowed down a bit on the last long hill but picked it up again for that last .5k.

I was shocked. Is it possible that my increased distances (sat am runs) are helping to increase my speed for my shorter distances???

Also? When did 10k become a "shorter" distance for me?

Scary! Considering a year ago I was struggling with 5k walk/run clinic.
Ahhh the power of addiction.


Sunday, July 25, 2004

Poppy and The Boys

Poppy and The Boys Posted by Hello

 I think he might actually be IN love with my children. This is my Dad, he who will not remain retired. The man retires and then gets a new job and then retires and then gets a new job. Right now he is heavy machinery maintenance manager at a diamond mine in the arctic.
My boys adore him. (Mostly cause he gives them cookies.)


Saturday, July 24, 2004


6am seemed to come earlier than usual today. After a week of almost no sleep and very little running I dragged my sorry butt out of bed downstairs begrudgingly (sp) and quickly sipped a cup of tea and devoured an unsuspecting banana.
I was still feeling groggy when my ride showed up at 6:45 am. I honestly thought today would be a bad run.
Turns out I was SO wrong. After a slow start I quickly felt better. I was winded at the top of the first hill but I recovered fast and was able to have a really good run today. I don't talk about pace and times here as they mean nothing to me at this point of the game. But I felt very strong for all 15km this morning. My legs are tired now so I know I worked hard.

Anyway, my trip was good. Uneventful really. 2 of my sisters live there too so there was much nattering going on. We ate and laughed and laughed and ate. It was much fun.

For my parents , this is their first time in an apartment. So they find it hard having such little space (no one is really sure why they moved to an apartment...but I was happy for the free appliances last year) other than that and the small kitchen, they love it. The whole idea of a balcony so novel to them. they have a little patio set out there and enjoy their endless cigarettes and coffee out there.
So of course little Noah was out there the whole time. Their balcony is actually quite large and it narrow on the one end where my mother has used it for storage. On this particular day she had a bowl of potatoes out there to dry, she had  apparently found a bad one in the bag and washed the rest to get rid of that nasty rotten potatoe smell.
My darling little demon seed spotted the potatoes and made a beeline for it. No one made it in time to stop him from grabbing two and tossing them off the (7th floor) balcony. I nearly collapsed with laughter's FUNNY!
My mom was terrified to look over the edge for fear of finding an 80 yr old woman (they live in a senior citizen building) unconscious on the ground.
Luckily no one was hurt. The rest of the potatoes were saved (and hidden) and we later fashioned a rudimentary gate to keep Noah out of storage area.

I'm pretty stinkin tired so for now....that's all I got!

Happy Saturday boys and girls!


Friday, July 23, 2004


Hello hello.

I have returned!

I am sure everyone has given up on me.

My trip was eventful and uneventful all at the same time. There was much eating and much laughing. Much inhaling of second hand smoke.

My thanks to Zeno and Zoot (the 2 Z's!) for keeping my blog alive for me while I was gone.

I didn't run much. One night in the heat a sweaty 8k (I may have mentioned this already?)
Tomorrow is 15k and it's SOOO nice and cool out I am looking forward to it.

I will write something interesting soon.
I promise!

Thanks for sticking around!


Thursday, July 22, 2004

Yuck Yuck Yuck

Heeeeee... Pam is away and I get to play!!! Good grief that was almost poetry...

Hello world this is zeno from fasteddiesbullet. Pam was kind enough to invite me along to fill up her valuable space with a few inane words, and here they are. I hope you are having a great time "up north" sweetie.

So, what can I say that would entertain Pam's audience? Well, I know that she is a runner and is as healthy and fit as all get out, so I suppose I could talk about how I am a total slob with a smoking habit and a fondness for fatty foods. Or I could try and worm my way into the hearts of you, dear readers, by relating a drunken anecdote or two... but no, what I shall do is simply say, I am happy to be here and I will write something more digestible tomorrow.

Thanks for having me Pam!!! xxxx

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Would You Have Believed It?

Its me, Zoot. Again.

I just wanted to drop in another post before I went to bed.  I was thinking about the things in our lives that I would not have believed when I was little. For example: If someone had shown me my cell phone in my person tonight, when I was NINE, I would have assumed it was a toy. There is no way I would have thought it would work, much less, work better than most land line cordless phones worked!

Also? Would you NOT have thought that CDs were some weird Star Treck prop? And DVD players? I knew people with BETA VCRs for Christ sake!

What are some things we have today that would have suprised you as a child?


Hello, Zoot here.  I am hoping that I will be able to log into blogger from work so I can just post stupid crap all day to make Pam regret having asked me to guest post.

Kidding. Jeez. Although, if I can log in from work? I'm posting several times because I miss it!

The only problem? I have a bit of stage fright. So? I'm going to tell one of my most embarassing moments, which centers around RUNNING! See? Because this is a RUNNING Commentary? I'm so cool.

I ran track in high school. We had a very small school and a very small track team. None of us were fast or fit, but we wanted to do a spring sport, and in my school, thats all you needed to be on a team. The desire. No tryouts, ever.

Unfortunately - that small school also did not have the best picks of coaches. So - my track coach? Knew about as much about track as I did. Which was nothing. He made us run, like several miles every day. That was about it. No matter WHAT race you wanted to run, it was the same training.

When our first meet arrived. We didnt even know what races we were going to run. It was a city-wide meet and I was terrified. I was assigned the 400m as my first event and the 200m as my second. Thats one lap and half a lap for you non-runners. The 400m? I sprinted the whole thing and barely crossed the finish line alive. I didnt know how to run that kind of race. I killed myself and spent the next 20 minutes just catching my breath!

So - the 200m rolled around, and I thought - screw this. I'm just going to pace myself this time, and who cares if I come in last again. I already came in last once today.

The gun shot off and I started my brisk run. As I got closer to the finish line, I realized I could beat the girl in front of me. She was so close to me and I had tons of energy left. So I sprinted the last 50 yards. I remembered, during the last couple of yards, that I overheard another coach telling his runners to stick their chest out when they crossed the finish line, so if it was THAT close, they would have  a bit of a lead.

(I'm thinking, in retrospect, that was probably in battles for FIRST place, not for runners battling to stay out of LAST place).

Right as I got to the finish line, neck and neck with the mystery girl, I stuck out my chest.

And me - the perfect Klutz - tripped and rolled and busted my ass across the finish line.

That's a TOUGH fall to make going full speed.  The crowd, as a whole, GASPED. And "Oooooohhh"ed. It was horrid. I was bleeding and scraped and bruised and skinned. But? I was also laughing because I came to terms with my lack of grace at age 3 I think.

But you know? I dont even remember if I beat her or not? But I remember that fall....and the crowd gasping as one LARGE being. Good times. Good times.


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

On the Road Again

Hidie Ho Neighbour.

I am still away! In Northern Ontario, enjoying many misquitoes and occasional deer fly.

I am asking ZOOT to do a guest post or two, since I have recently been guilted into staying here until the weekend. If anyone else is interested in a guest entry or what have you, let me  know. I will hook a blogger up!

I missed my 10k run lastnight. POOPY! Too much happening here (read eating) with the family (snacks) and my nephew (pie).
But I am hoping to get out tomorrow and have a quick one.

Hope everyone is grand. I wouldn't know since I haven't been able to visit any blogs since Friday. FRIDAY!!! I am totally having withdrawl! Shaking in the corner type stuff.

Will write more soon.


Friday, July 16, 2004

So here I am laundering all things needed to go to my parents. (not at all aided by the 18 month old that keeps grabbing things out of the hampers and tossing them around the room)
Hubby went out lastnight to buy laundry soap.
He came back with sunlight liquid. Fine..whatever, I have no real HUGE preferences.
So, as usual I open it up to take a whiff....nothing.
Certainly a chemical sort of smell but no pleasant aroma at all.
How does this makes sense?
Wouldn't think be along the same lines as "unscented bath soap?"
I mean isn't one of the big reasons we even launder our clothing is so it smells nicely?
So let me get this straight....I run and make my clothes uber stinky. I mean the stench of all stenches say...and I come home and toss them in the wash with my new UNSCENTED laundry soap and they come out smelling like what?
Clean sweat?
I don't get it.

How can I not share this Posted by Hello

I know I know. ENOUGH with the baby photos. I just couldn't resist this one Posted by Hello

The Great Long Drive....again.

Well you won't be hearing from me much this weekend (oooooh blogger has some cool new features here for me to play with. LOVELY!) as we are driving up north (like 8hrs north) to see my mother.
You see, her and my father retired about 4 or 5 years ago and returned to the town I was born and raised in.  Then my father got sick of retirement and went back to work.
Then he retired again.
Then he went back to work.
So he is working right now, but he is 300 km NORTH Yellowknife, if you don't know where that is, let's just say  Santa is not far. He flies up there and stays for 4 weeks then comes home for two.
My mother is finding this separation difficult. I think she is lonely (the first time she's truly had an empty nest). So we are driving up to keep her company and "accidentally" leave our oldest son there to keep her company for the week. Then my Dad will be back and they will all come to visit. Again.
While Bren is gone, Chris and I will install an new water heater and hopefully re-paint the main floor. 
So basically my weekend will look something like this.
Get up STUPID early on Saturday morning. Run 14k. Go home. hopefully the rest of us have gotten out of bed and packed the truck.  Try and make time for a shower (I will be disgusting). Get in the truck and drive for 7-8hrs, with frequent stops for a restless toddler and freaky poodle.
Sunday we will hang out with different members of my family. Take the boys to the beach, maybe even have a picnic.
Monday I think we are going to take Brendan to Science North (a tres cool science centre in Sudbury). Plus I have to get in a 10k somewhere.
Tuesday we drive home sans Brendan.
On second thought I might stay behind on Monday and get my mother to teach me how to knit the thumbs in my (pointy) mitts!
Also blueberries are in season so there will be much eating of those.
It's the driving part that really REALLY annoys me. It's SO far and first we have to drive through (well around) Toronto which can be busy even on a Saturday morning. Have no fear fellow bloggers I will bring my trusty camera and will be sure to take as many wacky photos as possible.
I ran last night. On the 15th of July it was 16 degrees outside. Is it the apocalypse? I mean really? Tornadoes in Grand prairie. Floods in Peterborough. ICE and Floods in Edmonton.  Another tornado this time in Saskatchewan!! If I see 4 guys on some horses I am going to duck and cover.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

A running post.
If you are interested.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

How My Day Quickly Went To Shit

To begin with I was awoken in the middle of the night by a thunderstorm and very shortly afterwards the aroma of SHIT, more specifically dog shit.

Chris quickly cleaned it up and we went back to sleep.
This morning my oldest one woke me up and I begrudgingly made my way out of bed and down the stairs.
"Be careful on the stairs" he says "someone pooped on there"
There was poop on two spots on the stairs, and let me just tell you...NOT HEALTHY POOP. Two spots by the landing (ceramic tile thank god). Two in living room.
I got most of cleaned up before I heaved my stomach contents into the main floor washroom.

ICK! Double ICK even!

THEN! Noah wakes up, naked and poop free. I bring him down stairs and go about preparing breakfast for him.

"Mommy! Noah pooped on the floor!"

I place my head on the counter repeatedly and quickly.

I find Noah in the living room standing in his own poop. Looking a little confused.

I cleaned him up without much incident. Diapered him (totally my own fault).

So my house has not yet lost the SHIT smell all day. Lovely.

We go about our business, and when Chris come home we go out to get some carpet cleaning solution for the carpet cleaner. And some air fresheners, just for good measure.

Anyway, the kids and Chris came home, I went running. Afterwards I had a half marathon meeting (hee!) so I didn't get in until 8 ish.

I open the front door and I am greeted (or rather smacked in the head) with the stench of a kennel. It was disgusting.

Clearly Chris did not get the steam cleaner going.

Clearly one of our pets (Boomer) has died and decayed in here (or she will soon).

On the stairs (the ONLY part of our house that is carpeted) was what appeared to have been some sort of ass explosion.
Shit everywhere, on the step, on the back of it, on the WALL.
It was a hazmat situation.

This morning I woke up to MORE shit on the stairs. I stopped feeding her days ago so really she shouldn't have much more in her. (I'm KIDDING!)

Boomer need not worry about her illness much anymore, cause soon I will just kill her.

I guess we should take her to the vet (or accidentally run her over in the drive way. I'M KIDDING) if it doesn't clear up.

Chris is totally cleaning this mess up. I am far to delicate a flower for that. Besides I am running again tonight and I need to conserve my strength (or something).


Not a Whole lot of anything

Chris succesfully finished his license today. Imean the man has been driving for 22 years without incident, was this really necessary?

Anyway...that's done.

We got new furniture yesterday so my whole main floor is in a snizzy. More on the later.

For now. I leave you with these.
Noah in his pool AND

Noah is his hot tub

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

How I melted myself and possibly my soul

Remember last week how I said I would complaining about the rain and start complaining about the heat soon?

Well the heat is here. It will be 39 degrees (101 for you Fahrenheit folk) here today with the humidex. That is MOFO HOT!
Yesterday it was about 36, and I ran.

In coolmax capris and a coolmax t-shirt and a dri-fit hat. I was a TAD over dressed. 10k was SOOOOOOOOO hard in that heat. I drank all my water and was practically out by the time we got back. I stayed slow and ran with an older woman who doesn't come out much, but STILL I was HOT. And completely toast for the night. I drank gatorade when I got home. I think I will start to carry that as well.

Lessoned learned...again. We have been so spoiled with the cool weather that finally summer comes and no one (or at least me) knows what to do.
Most of the runners took it easy and slow.

In other news:

Chris' license was suspended about 8 years ago for unpaid traffic fines (they were paid and we left the province for a few years came back to find out that his license was suspended and he had been driving illegally for years).

So he RE-paid the fines and paid $100.00 for him to do the written test and FIRST road test. He had 5 years in which to do the 2nd road test (another $75.00).
The 5 years are now up and Chris has been trying for the past 6 or 8 weeks to get the road test taken care off. He missed the first appointment because my parents were here and he forgot about it ($25 please). He made it to 2nd appointment but couldn't do the test because our validation tags were expired. By 6 months. ($75 for the almost taken test- he won't have to pay again and $25 to re-schedule)
The 3rd appointment he missed cause he forgot. Again. ($25 please)
This morning he had his 4th appointment, they were set to go (again) chicky poo jumped into the truck and quickly announced that he couldn't do the test because...the windshield has a CRACK in it. Right along where the wipers sit. ($25 to re-schedule).
What the hell?
He next appointment is tomorrow, he is borrowing his father's NEW car. And I swear he is will be SO disgruntled if something goes wrong tomorrow.

CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW MUCH THIS IS COSTING US! Tickets we paid twice! Road tests written tests and re-scheduling fees, I am surprised we can even afford a car!
Well, really we can't but we pretend.

I'm off now to remain as motionless as possible as not to induce sweat or heatstroke.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

My Weekend in a Nutshell.

My weekend started NON white trash enough. Friday night Chris drives father inlaw, son and father in laws Step grandchild up to the lake (2 hrs from here). Hooks everything up and is home by 10:30pm. We eat chinese food, since I expected him MUCH earlier and we planned on eating together. It's on the cusp of white trash, but I think we are safely on the NON trash side for this one.

Saturday morning, alarm goes off at 6am, I trudge downstairs for tea and toast (whole wheat with peanut butter). Followed by water. I throw on my running stuff, fill my water belt and wait for my ride.

6:45am ride is RIGHT ON TIME. We banter about going garage saleing instead of running. But people are waiting so we head downtown.

7:30am Running........

9 am..out for breakfast with my running group.

Then home...showered...fight with Chris...pack a few things.

See? STILL NOT WHITE TRASH! I would even say SO NOT WHITE TRASH at this
Chris and I putter for the morning. I buy new Fuel Belt (LOVE LOVE LOVE IT)from the running store, he installs an A/C in my friend's window

About 1:30 or 2 we grab some lunch and water and begin our drive to the lake. (note: now we do drive a pick up truck, though it's relatively new is an extended cab with extra doors,has passed emission test and hold NO guns)

We arrived at the lake around 5pm
Chaos ensues.

Father in law and his girlfriend were arguing in German (LOUDLY), that she ONLY BROUGHT CHICKEN BREASTS FOR DINNER and nothing else. He is pissed that she didn't bring any for us, since we had planned on eating together and we cooked last time and we brought a HUGE AND LOVELY CAKE! (Does that make them Euro-trash?) JUST CHICKEN!

So we immediately get back in the truck and go to the steaks and salads. Wait till they leave.

We eat. we go to the beach. Everything is great UNTIL WE GO TO BED.
Noah cries (loudly)for the beach from 10:30 pm - midnight. (this is where the the real white trashiness begins)
Noah finally wears himself out and falls asleep in his Dad's arms.
Silence follows.

He wakes 3 times in the night, each time uttering only a single "BEACH?" before going back to sleep.

8:00 AM Sunday Brendan wakes me up and climbs into my "bed" (I use the term loosely) with me. We chat until about 8:30am until Noah and Chris wake up. Noah immediately asks to go out side and hit the beach.
Brendan and Chris end up in a fight over who knows what. It boiled down to Chris asking Brendan to do something and Brendan refusing. MUCH YELLING FOLLOWED. Brendan is a dramatic little SOB and when Chris TOUCHED his arm, he fell to floor as if he had been kicked! HE SCREAMED And cried like a 2 yr old on fire. IT WAS HUMILIATING!

This went on for at least an hour, meanwhile Chris and I are packing the trailer telling Brendan we are going to the beach but he has to sit under the umbrella and not have ANY FUN!
Eventually it works itself out and we leave for the beach. I had a hard time finding the door handle of the truck with the paper bag on my head.

We hit the beach and everyone had fun.

We pulled out of the campground (which is actually more of an RV park...and everyone is a snobby snob snob) and went HOME.

Once we got home we had a sit and eventually went to the back yard. Chris mowed (since he fired me a few years ago) and I watered the flower gardens. I happened to hit the garage window with the water from the hose at one point and noticed a WALL of house flies so dense you couldn't see in the window. It was horrifying (yes I know..again with the bugs). Seems Chris had forgotten a garbage bag on garbage day and something truly awful happened while we were gone.

Anyway Chris has executed the flies (I HOPE) and is in the process of cleaning the garage...(I WILL NOT HAVE ANY PART OF THIS).

And here is the last WHITE TRASH evidence you will need.

around 11pm lastnight we were preparing to go to bed, I realized that the pillows were still in the trailer. I convince Chris that he has to come across the street with me to get them.
He strolls across the street in his UNDERWEAR and ONLY HIS UNDERWEAR! Now in his defense they were boxer-briefs but they were also white and had a tiny hole on under the waistband!

Well, we are off for a where did I put that paper bag?

Coming soon:

How I Learned I Am White Trash

Stay Tuned

Friday, July 09, 2004


5 lastnight in the chilly evening. Perfect running weather. NO rain as it turned out. We did a 5k route we hadn't done in ages. We poured it on between a telephone post or two every once in a while. And finished around 32 minutes. I know that's a snails pace for some of you (MARK!) but it was a great run for us. Today is rest day. Tomorrow early morning long run.

I am exhausted. The extra day is kicking my ass. But I slept alot lastnight so I am feeling rested. And no shin pain today. Good signs.

Chris has taken trailer and Brendan to the city with him this morning, where he will work for most of the day and then deliver said trailer to the lake along with his father.

His 65 yr old Father has decided to take Brendan and his "step"(ish)grand daughter camping for the night. We will go back up there tomorrow afternoon, father in law and step granddaughter will go home. We will spend the night pack up and come back on Sunday afternoon.

So first I will get up and run tomorrow morning. Then I will have breakfast out with my running group and THEN we might go for a swim in someone's pool. THEN Chris and I will head to a friends house so he can install her A/C (hot weather is a comin). Then we will pack the truck with a change of clothes and go camping. Hopefully somewhere in there I will get a shower.

So that leaves Noah and I up to our own devices on grocery day with no car and my wallet is in the truck with Chris.

We might be having gerkins for lunch and maybe beets for dinner.

In other news, Zoot's been locked out of blogger and email today. Let's all bow our heads and have a moment of silence for her on this day.

.... .... .... .... ....

OK, I hope we get her back soon.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Guess What I'm Doing Tonight?

That's right! Running in the rain. Again. And it's cold. Don't worry in about 2 days I will be complaining about the unrelenting heat. Wait for it.


Brothers Posted by Hello

Brendan and Noah about a month or so ago. Noah's hair is actually almost white I don't know why it's so reddish in this photo. Also please note the oreo bag on the arm of the couch this explains the mess on Noah's face.

This wasn't even posed. I grabbed the camera and caught about 6 of these before they finally looked over at me!

I Run Therefore I Am

I posted this on our Running Blog, but since no one really knows about it yet and we aren't really sure how it's gonna fly I will recycle this post on here...heh

Our half marathon training schedule calls for 8k on wednesdays which we were all set to do tonight. It was a little humid and a little hot. We decided to do a trail and head out. The marathoners were going too so we set off together deciding where everyone would be turing around to head back.

The trail is virtually flat except for a few hills getting there. It's wide and well shaded. We were told it would be 8k (altogether) if we went to the gate and back.

We got to the first gate and thought NO WAY we have not gone 4k. It's been to easy, the breathing to rythmic, our legs to light. So we assumed it was the next gate. The next gate was at the very least 1.5k away. Not a biggie, just more than we were supposed to do.

We stopped at the gate, had a drink and continued on our way. Still light legs, great breathing and energy to go go go.

Our run in the last k takes us up a hill and then back down. Tonight I flew up the incline, sailed effortlessly across the flat and fluttered down the other side.

This was an exceptional run for me!

I have no idea how long it took me, only that my legs are nice and tired now.

5k tomorrow night, then a rest day then long run Sat morning (7 am!!!!)

Happy running

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

My 8 yr old son had a friend in slippin and slidin the other night.

To say this friend is a little "different" is an understatement. In winter he wears pink ladybug mittens, that he swears are dinosaurs. And this spring he showed up to our house with not only a pink (puff power) bike, but also a straw hat that was clearly meant for females (obviously most of this is hand me down from his older sister).

This boy's father died when he was just a baby. And he really is a nice boy (if not downright odd). He is "sensitive to red food colouring" it apparently makes him "jiggly".

He is always welcome at our house, my son (almost 2 yrs older than him) is constantly sticking up for him and defending his pink bike (though even he has issues with the ladybug mittens). Clearly both these things are like targets for bullies. I mean sometimes I kind of want to tease him (BUT I DON'T!).

So they were both here and about to have a slip and a slide.
The boy didn't fare to well the first couple of tries and only made it part way down the slide (he was on his knees, he didn't like the idea of the superman style the box recommends).
Brendan flew down many many times reaching the very end each time. He encouraged the boy to mimic his style and really fly down the run way.
This boy marches to the beat of his own drum (it may or may not be pink) and would not have it, he continued in his own style of slip n sliding until he successfully made it to the end! He was rewarded with a big splash in the little pool waiting at the end bumper.

He danced back to the beginning did a little spin and proudly proclaimed
"I'm an Egytian Princess!"

Rain rain go away

It's supposed to rain, AGAIN tonight. Now I am used to running in all sorts of weather. Having started running in July last year, I ran through the hottest months and the coldest months. I was excited with each changing season for new running conditions. I LOVED running in the snow, even snow storms (a near death experience on a bridge with a plow was the high light of the winter). But I am sick sick sick of running in the rain.

Now don't get me wrong. I welcome a nice misting on the tail end of a hot run. I have even run through people's sprinkler to cool myself off.
But this year the rain is COLD and stinking wet! It will start off warm and harmless, we will get 6k in and WHAMMO! Torrential down pour! I mean Noah is starting to build an ark!

I swear to you, if it rains tonight, I am totally not running. Ok if it rains, I will run, but not if it's thundering. Ok ok...I will run in the thunder but I absolutley draw the line at lightening. That's it my foot is DOWN..there is no budging.

Besides I figure if it rains too much, Noah can come and pick me up!

Happy running!

Mystic River

We rented Mystic River lastnight. I have SO much to say about that movie.

Sean Penn? Can you say HOT. HOT HOT HOT. Did you see him without a shirt on? OH MY GOD!!! Almost made me forget it was a drama.

I loved everything about this movie, except maybe Mr Bacon. Can he suck any more than he did in that movie? Yes he can. let's not forget Tremors, or that invisible man movie. It's time to put him out to pasture perhaps he should persue a musical career. Oh right. HA!

Sean Penn was SO (hot) good. Suddenly now that he's not beating up photographers he's (hot) a great actor. Seriously...awesome stuff there.

Also, Tim Robbins...he's pretty stinkin convincing in this movie. I have pretty much liked him in anything he's done. But you rarely see him as creepy f-ed up guy. WELL DONE! Done well even.

Kevin Bacon....7 thumbs down. You are a girly man, your red shaky weak hands your scrawny little body. All of this I could forgive, if only you could act! Haven't you joined the scientologists yet??

Anyway, great movie. Not one I will see again, it's not an easy movie to watch. But I did find it riveting.

Also, Sean Penn? H-O-T HOT!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Why emperor Palpatine Gets Great Parking

Cause my damn dog just ate his feet.
Brendan is none to pleased about this latest development in the empire let me tell you.
Clearly Dori is a new member of the rebel alliance.

In other news.

Nothing new!

Noah has learned to stand on the arm of the couch to do a wonderful face plant into the seat of said couch.
He has also accomplished the belly flop in THE TUB. No I don't see this are a great chiropractic move either.

I have no been outside yet today. It's to nice out. I need to sulk in here. Sort some shapes and stuff.

For the 2nd time this week (keep in mind it's ONLY Tuesday) my children have eaten their lunch AND more than half of mine.

Either my cooking is getting better or I'm getting skimpier with the portions.

I hate to admit it but Chris does all the cooking here. Well MOST of the cooking. He did 2 years of chef school and training so he's pretty good at it.
We recently bought a rotisserie (sp) thingy for the bbq, I attempted to make a chicken on it a few weeks ago. I cut the legs off because they stop the thing from turning. I COULD have tied them up...but that didn't even occur to me. No my first thought was to hack them off completely. Then I didn't put the thing together properly so the chicken (sans drumsticks) looked like a used briquette.

Now I'm not allowed to bbq anymore.

OH WELL! He does it way better anyway. Also he mows lawns better. ANd shovels snow. And no one can beat a window he's cleaned. See where I'm going with this?
Pass the bon bons and call me Peg.

hmpf...not good

I would just like to proclaim right now, in a slightly whiney voice, that the bite I received to the bottom of my foot is now itching like a mofo.

I mean come on.

What's next? Locusts?
Roaches? (I will sell my house and move)

Also, have GOT to tell you about my dream lastnight.

I was at Eatons (Canadian department store that doesn't exist anymore but it was a GREAT store)in the shoe section, supposed to be waiting for Chris who was in the men's room doing his thing. Anyway I end up in the last aisle of shoes...gazing at this slipper/sandal jobbies. TO DIE FOR! The sort of looked like Birkenstocks, but not so granola-y (you know what I mean?) they were burgundy (usually not a colour I would choose) and had a thick strap that covered the toe area and a tiny springy strap around the heel area. But on the top strap (toe area) there were beads and...FEATHERS! Like feather boa feathers...just sticking out the edges. LOVED THEM! They were $69.00 in my dream (totally reasonable if you ask me).
I missed hubby's exit from the men's room and ended up having to search for him in the store and didn't get back to get my shoes. I totally need to invent those.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Tonight tonight.

10k of mostly hills in this lovely running weather.
I didn't even drink my whole bottle of water.

Took us just over an hour, but we had tiny pit stop and my running partner took me through his garden to show off his wife's handy work. LOVELY!
We then finished that last 7.5k of our run, during which time we passed my garden! Not nearly as talented as his wife, but really this is our first shot at perennials. So he said that they thin out theirs every fall, as not to get over grown (who knew!) and that I shouldn;'t be surprised to come out one morning and find pots of lillies on my front step.

How lovely is that? I mean seriously..this man does not know me that well. We have been running together here and there for about a year, but haven't gotten to know each other all that well. Anyway,I thought it was lovely.

Happy running!


What kind of karma is this??

Sitting on the couch lastnight with my hubby, enjoying the stickiness that is Southern Ontario this weekend. We were watching Wonder woman (dear god!). Anyway we are sitting there sipping out homemade fruity slushies (or floaties as Brendan calls them) when...holy mother of God there is something on my foot! Yup a mosquito is BITING the bottom of my foot.
I killed him quite shortly afterwards but it stung like a bastard for a good while. Then I decided to hit it with the bactene to ward of any future itching. Not such a good idea. EXTREME stinging! It was like a hot needle in my foot. Apparently I had ever been bitten there before. F#@K that sucks!
OK so I am over that. Chris is sort of laying on my lappish so he can aggressively rub my ouchy spot. Suddenly, OUCH! My lower shin is now under attack! Yup another welt. And then later my thigh. Another welt.
What gives?

I leave our wonderful evening with no less than 3 bites. Chris? ZERO.
What? Not fair.
He even took his shirt off to offer more skin to them (who says chivalry is dead). NOTHING!

What have I done to deserve this? I come from a very mosquitoey northern Ontario bush surrounded town. I spent 2 mosquito infested years in Canada's arctic (Northwest Territories). You'd think my husband the pansy assed city dweller would be the fresh meat they'd be after.

Tonight I might dip him in honey and send him....wait...hmmm.

10k tonight, and humidity is supposed to clear out by then, actually I think it mostly has already. I am loving this summer.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Crabby crab crab

It's a crabby day in the Dingdong house hold.

Chris is crabby and so am I. This does not make for a plesant eviroment generally.

But tell me how this is fair!

While I running around like a lunatic with the 18 month old. Taking him off the table for 15th time or getting him out of the fridge for the 7th time. Not to mention stopping him for feeding EVERYTHING in find in the fridge to the dogs AND sucking mustard directly from the bottle.

HE is upstairs lying on the 8 yr olds bottom bunk watching Eddie Murphy in Dr Doolittle! WITH A PILLOW and a fan. BASTARD!

(keep in mind I brought them juice AND popcorn)


Not sure what a suitable retribution is for this but it will be something. Something SEVERE!

Today is "rest" day. HA! I tell ya I feel more rested on run days at least then I get a minute to myself without someone saying "are you in there mommy? Are you going to be long? Can I come in?"

Another Bandwagon

My Inner Hero - Rogue!

I'm a Rogue!

It's a good thing I use my powers for good and not evil, because quite frankly, I could get away with murder. I'm clever, tricky, and charming. I know how to make you laugh with one hand and pick your pocket with the other. Not that I'd ever DO that, of course...

How about you? Click here to find your own inner hero.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Long and Slow

ok ok so it wasn't THAT long but it's a start.

12k at 7am on beautiful day down an isolated (hilly) country road. Chickens and cows and all.

It was SO lovely. We ran with a bunch of marathoners that usually just blow past us on our shorter runs. They were great offering tips and advice. Also cheers us up the hills and even gave us a YAY at the end.

It really was a good run. Though Noah has been up since around 4am. Chris got up with him but I didn't really get back sleep very soundly. Let me tell you I will have NO problems tonight.

Odd my shins were a little picky in the last 4k or so. Not sure what that's about. It's not like I've never done 12 before or I went particularily fast or anything.

Oh well.

Happy running. :)

Friday, July 02, 2004

Why do I do this to myself?

Brendan is having a friend sleep over.
That makes 2 8yr olds running amuk in my house right now.
The local greenhouse was having a buy 1 get one for $.99 sale on perennials and we made the mistake of taking them with us.
Holy mother of god. I was speechless at the end. They drove me nuts! Chanting and singing and shouting and cooing and whistling and screeching and talking and mumbling and laughing and snorting I was about ready to throw myself infront of a garden cart.

On the up side we got about $140.00 worth of flowers for the new garden for $40.00.

On the up UP side, my father-inlaw (ish) is taking them both to African Lion Safari in the morning. HA! May the force be with you my friend. (we will have only one child tomorrow. huzzah!)


Easy 5k tonight. Nothing special to report. We all practically crawled since we don't want to be tired for tomorrow's 12.
Let the fun begin.


I LOVED Marlon Brando's acting.
But then he got all weird and fat.

p.s. Have you seen Last Tango In Paris?

NOT for the kiddies let me tell you.

p.p.s Thanks to The Gigglechick for the link.

Because I am a follower at heart

There are TWO rules when answering these questions:
1) Only ONE answer to each. Of course its tough - thats the point!
2) Each blog/blogger may only be used ONCE

What blogger inspired you to FINALLY start a blog?
Dana I've read her for many years

What blog do you visit the most often everday?

What blogger do you think you have the most in common with?

Which blog can you be sure will make you pee a little you laugh so hard? Doug

Which blogger leaves you the best/funniest comments?

What blogger do you wish would update more often?

Which blog do you wish more people would read?

Which blog do you learn the most from?

What blog is your newest addition?
Hula Doula

Who has been on your blogroll the longest?

Whose blogroll would you LOVE find yourself on?

Whose blogroll were you the happiest to find yourself on?
Jon in Michigan

If you could write like any blogger, who would it be?

What blogger are you the happiest you've "met?"


Which blog do you recommend the most?

Who is the next person you'll add to your blogroll?
Not sure.

Who is the blogger you hope to meet in "real" life?
many many

Which blogger you admire the most?

Who would you trust with your blog while you were away?
Zoot, Kim, Rick...sorry I cheated.

Which blog has your favorite design?

How many blogs are on your blogroll(s)

Canada Day here was pretty good I guess.

Several hundred children (ok it was only 3) piled into our back yard to enjoy the slip and slide I have been forbidden from playing on. They slipped and slid for about an hour before things got ugly.
Then the brainiacs decided it was brilliant idea to sprinkle the plastic strip with SAND.
Smart like toast those 8 yr olds are I tell ya.
They were utterly shocked to find that the sand and water made for a moderately painful sliding surface.

Eventually they all left...and we had a hasty shish-kabob dinner (bbq-d zucchini YUM!) And went outside to wait for the parade (that I was supposed to be in but due to HORRIBLE chaffing that made walking any distance impossible, I was a no show).
The parade was cute. VERY small town. People in cars with no signs so I had NO clue who they were! The runner's yelled at me as they passed.

Oh god this is soooo boring...I am not even going to continue.

Leave me a comment, tell me I suck.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary

Last night was lovely.
First I went to the store and paid my fee for the half marathon clinic, picked up my manual and read it cover to cover. WHAT AM I THINKING?! I CAN'T RUN THAT FAR! HOLY SHIT!

Ok..over that.

Went into the nearby city of Brantford to meet up with my closest running friends to celebrate our one year anniversary. We ran for about an hour through a lovely little trail. It was so nice. We saw 3 rabbits, 1 fox and a snake.

After a stretch and slow chatty walk back to Abbey's house we changed out of our sweatiness (whiffy is an understatement) and had cocktails (hehehe I said cock) on her patio. She had such a lovely dinner for us. Appetizer (pitas with hummus or eggplant asiago cheese dip AND veggies and dip). Her back yard is to die for...waterfalls, landscaping and they back on to a forest. It's perfect really.

Dinner was lovely, she made a ton of different salads..ALL yummy. She had recently bought a smoker type bbq and she made us some chicken breasts on it.

YUCK! They were so gross, even she couldn't eat it. She fed hers to her dog. I politely nibbled at least half of mine and chased it with red wine (I got a little drunk).

We then sat around her waterfall and pond and had a little fire drank wine and ate cake and berries and fudge.
It was so lovely.

Anyway I know this is a boring post to follow Wonderwoman with...and I apologize for that.

I will try and have something ridiculous happen later.

p.s. Happy Canada Day!