Friday, July 09, 2004


5 lastnight in the chilly evening. Perfect running weather. NO rain as it turned out. We did a 5k route we hadn't done in ages. We poured it on between a telephone post or two every once in a while. And finished around 32 minutes. I know that's a snails pace for some of you (MARK!) but it was a great run for us. Today is rest day. Tomorrow early morning long run.

I am exhausted. The extra day is kicking my ass. But I slept alot lastnight so I am feeling rested. And no shin pain today. Good signs.

Chris has taken trailer and Brendan to the city with him this morning, where he will work for most of the day and then deliver said trailer to the lake along with his father.

His 65 yr old Father has decided to take Brendan and his "step"(ish)grand daughter camping for the night. We will go back up there tomorrow afternoon, father in law and step granddaughter will go home. We will spend the night pack up and come back on Sunday afternoon.

So first I will get up and run tomorrow morning. Then I will have breakfast out with my running group and THEN we might go for a swim in someone's pool. THEN Chris and I will head to a friends house so he can install her A/C (hot weather is a comin). Then we will pack the truck with a change of clothes and go camping. Hopefully somewhere in there I will get a shower.

So that leaves Noah and I up to our own devices on grocery day with no car and my wallet is in the truck with Chris.

We might be having gerkins for lunch and maybe beets for dinner.

In other news, Zoot's been locked out of blogger and email today. Let's all bow our heads and have a moment of silence for her on this day.

.... .... .... .... ....

OK, I hope we get her back soon.