Friday, July 30, 2004

And It All Blew Over

Well mostly.
There are still a few people not speaking to each other.
But for the most part. NO ONE IS MAD AT ME!
How can this be?
I started a war. (albeit by accident)
Stood on the side lines and watched it unravel.
Not really contributing too much, other than to inadvertantly kick some fallen combatant.
And today? As the smoke clears and the bodies are being bull dozed into mass graves?
I am relatively unscathed.
Barely scraped really.

I don't understand.

It's turned out that only one person is being juvenile and ridiculous (and NO it's not me!!!) and she is the one who has freaked out and made matters much worse with every single stinging email she sent.

And it looks like no one is talking to her (maybe including me...but I hate confrontation so I doubt it).
Meanwhile, everyone is talking to me.
In fact the words "no one blames you for any of this" were emailed me this morning.

I like that.