Friday, July 02, 2004

Canada Day here was pretty good I guess.

Several hundred children (ok it was only 3) piled into our back yard to enjoy the slip and slide I have been forbidden from playing on. They slipped and slid for about an hour before things got ugly.
Then the brainiacs decided it was brilliant idea to sprinkle the plastic strip with SAND.
Smart like toast those 8 yr olds are I tell ya.
They were utterly shocked to find that the sand and water made for a moderately painful sliding surface.

Eventually they all left...and we had a hasty shish-kabob dinner (bbq-d zucchini YUM!) And went outside to wait for the parade (that I was supposed to be in but due to HORRIBLE chaffing that made walking any distance impossible, I was a no show).
The parade was cute. VERY small town. People in cars with no signs so I had NO clue who they were! The runner's yelled at me as they passed.

Oh god this is soooo boring...I am not even going to continue.

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