Sunday, July 04, 2004

Crabby crab crab

It's a crabby day in the Dingdong house hold.

Chris is crabby and so am I. This does not make for a plesant eviroment generally.

But tell me how this is fair!

While I running around like a lunatic with the 18 month old. Taking him off the table for 15th time or getting him out of the fridge for the 7th time. Not to mention stopping him for feeding EVERYTHING in find in the fridge to the dogs AND sucking mustard directly from the bottle.

HE is upstairs lying on the 8 yr olds bottom bunk watching Eddie Murphy in Dr Doolittle! WITH A PILLOW and a fan. BASTARD!

(keep in mind I brought them juice AND popcorn)


Not sure what a suitable retribution is for this but it will be something. Something SEVERE!

Today is "rest" day. HA! I tell ya I feel more rested on run days at least then I get a minute to myself without someone saying "are you in there mommy? Are you going to be long? Can I come in?"