Friday, July 16, 2004

The Great Long Drive....again.

Well you won't be hearing from me much this weekend (oooooh blogger has some cool new features here for me to play with. LOVELY!) as we are driving up north (like 8hrs north) to see my mother.
You see, her and my father retired about 4 or 5 years ago and returned to the town I was born and raised in.  Then my father got sick of retirement and went back to work.
Then he retired again.
Then he went back to work.
So he is working right now, but he is 300 km NORTH Yellowknife, if you don't know where that is, let's just say  Santa is not far. He flies up there and stays for 4 weeks then comes home for two.
My mother is finding this separation difficult. I think she is lonely (the first time she's truly had an empty nest). So we are driving up to keep her company and "accidentally" leave our oldest son there to keep her company for the week. Then my Dad will be back and they will all come to visit. Again.
While Bren is gone, Chris and I will install an new water heater and hopefully re-paint the main floor. 
So basically my weekend will look something like this.
Get up STUPID early on Saturday morning. Run 14k. Go home. hopefully the rest of us have gotten out of bed and packed the truck.  Try and make time for a shower (I will be disgusting). Get in the truck and drive for 7-8hrs, with frequent stops for a restless toddler and freaky poodle.
Sunday we will hang out with different members of my family. Take the boys to the beach, maybe even have a picnic.
Monday I think we are going to take Brendan to Science North (a tres cool science centre in Sudbury). Plus I have to get in a 10k somewhere.
Tuesday we drive home sans Brendan.
On second thought I might stay behind on Monday and get my mother to teach me how to knit the thumbs in my (pointy) mitts!
Also blueberries are in season so there will be much eating of those.
It's the driving part that really REALLY annoys me. It's SO far and first we have to drive through (well around) Toronto which can be busy even on a Saturday morning. Have no fear fellow bloggers I will bring my trusty camera and will be sure to take as many wacky photos as possible.
I ran last night. On the 15th of July it was 16 degrees outside. Is it the apocalypse? I mean really? Tornadoes in Grand prairie. Floods in Peterborough. ICE and Floods in Edmonton.  Another tornado this time in Saskatchewan!! If I see 4 guys on some horses I am going to duck and cover.