Thursday, July 01, 2004

Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary

Last night was lovely.
First I went to the store and paid my fee for the half marathon clinic, picked up my manual and read it cover to cover. WHAT AM I THINKING?! I CAN'T RUN THAT FAR! HOLY SHIT!

Ok..over that.

Went into the nearby city of Brantford to meet up with my closest running friends to celebrate our one year anniversary. We ran for about an hour through a lovely little trail. It was so nice. We saw 3 rabbits, 1 fox and a snake.

After a stretch and slow chatty walk back to Abbey's house we changed out of our sweatiness (whiffy is an understatement) and had cocktails (hehehe I said cock) on her patio. She had such a lovely dinner for us. Appetizer (pitas with hummus or eggplant asiago cheese dip AND veggies and dip). Her back yard is to die for...waterfalls, landscaping and they back on to a forest. It's perfect really.

Dinner was lovely, she made a ton of different salads..ALL yummy. She had recently bought a smoker type bbq and she made us some chicken breasts on it.

YUCK! They were so gross, even she couldn't eat it. She fed hers to her dog. I politely nibbled at least half of mine and chased it with red wine (I got a little drunk).

We then sat around her waterfall and pond and had a little fire drank wine and ate cake and berries and fudge.
It was so lovely.

Anyway I know this is a boring post to follow Wonderwoman with...and I apologize for that.

I will try and have something ridiculous happen later.

p.s. Happy Canada Day!