Wednesday, July 28, 2004

He said she said.

Oh my god.
I have started a riot in my running group.
I didn't even mean too.

Last week while I was away I got an email from one of my running mates saying she was at the park stretching after a run and she over heard some other people that she didn't know, complaining about some of the half marathoner (or soon to be half marathoners). They thought that some people didn't belong in the group and that our coach should be running more with the slower people and telling them they are in over their heads.

I am in the slower group (obviously). I totally took offense to it (obviously) but I got over it quickly and then thought it was funny.

On our Saturday run, I was out ahead of the rest of my slow little gaggle with one girl, and I (stupidly) mentioned it to her, as marathoners came whizzing past us. We sort of joked about it and let it go.

Now it has totally been blow out of proportion and the person that told me is pissed that I told someone else. (how am I supposed to know it;'s a secret).
The girl I told is upset that it was even mentioned in the first place. Everyone is pissed at everyone.

I apologized for passing on stuff I wasn't supposed to (but come on it was 2nd hand to begin with!!). And now now one is mad at me, but it seems like they are mad at each other.
So our group of 6 (inside a group of 20 or 30) has broken into 1 group of 3 and 1 group of 2, with me loitering around in the middle. And it seems to be all my fault. Isn't that hilarious? I mean ...WOW! one comment and whammo! All hell breaks loose.

Interesting. I will just be sitting of here chewing on my size 4 shoe in my size 12 mouth if you need me.