Tuesday, July 06, 2004

hmpf...not good

I would just like to proclaim right now, in a slightly whiney voice, that the bite I received to the bottom of my foot is now itching like a mofo.

I mean come on.

What's next? Locusts?
Roaches? (I will sell my house and move)

Also, have GOT to tell you about my dream lastnight.

I was at Eatons (Canadian department store that doesn't exist anymore but it was a GREAT store)in the shoe section, supposed to be waiting for Chris who was in the men's room doing his thing. Anyway I end up in the last aisle of shoes...gazing at this slipper/sandal jobbies. TO DIE FOR! The sort of looked like Birkenstocks, but not so granola-y (you know what I mean?) they were burgundy (usually not a colour I would choose) and had a thick strap that covered the toe area and a tiny springy strap around the heel area. But on the top strap (toe area) there were beads and...FEATHERS! Like feather boa feathers...just sticking out the edges. LOVED THEM! They were $69.00 in my dream (totally reasonable if you ask me).
I missed hubby's exit from the men's room and ended up having to search for him in the store and didn't get back to get my shoes. I totally need to invent those.