Tuesday, July 13, 2004

How I melted myself and possibly my soul

Remember last week how I said I would complaining about the rain and start complaining about the heat soon?

Well the heat is here. It will be 39 degrees (101 for you Fahrenheit folk) here today with the humidex. That is MOFO HOT!
Yesterday it was about 36, and I ran.

In coolmax capris and a coolmax t-shirt and a dri-fit hat. I was a TAD over dressed. 10k was SOOOOOOOOO hard in that heat. I drank all my water and was practically out by the time we got back. I stayed slow and ran with an older woman who doesn't come out much, but STILL I was HOT. And completely toast for the night. I drank gatorade when I got home. I think I will start to carry that as well.

Lessoned learned...again. We have been so spoiled with the cool weather that finally summer comes and no one (or at least me) knows what to do.
Most of the runners took it easy and slow.

In other news:

Chris' license was suspended about 8 years ago for unpaid traffic fines (they were paid and we left the province for a few years came back to find out that his license was suspended and he had been driving illegally for years).

So he RE-paid the fines and paid $100.00 for him to do the written test and FIRST road test. He had 5 years in which to do the 2nd road test (another $75.00).
The 5 years are now up and Chris has been trying for the past 6 or 8 weeks to get the road test taken care off. He missed the first appointment because my parents were here and he forgot about it ($25 please). He made it to 2nd appointment but couldn't do the test because our validation tags were expired. By 6 months. ($75 for the almost taken test- he won't have to pay again and $25 to re-schedule)
The 3rd appointment he missed cause he forgot. Again. ($25 please)
This morning he had his 4th appointment, they were set to go (again) chicky poo jumped into the truck and quickly announced that he couldn't do the test because...the windshield has a CRACK in it. Right along where the wipers sit. ($25 to re-schedule).
What the hell?
He next appointment is tomorrow, he is borrowing his father's NEW car. And I swear he is will be SO disgruntled if something goes wrong tomorrow.

CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW MUCH THIS IS COSTING US! Tickets we paid twice! Road tests written tests and re-scheduling fees, I am surprised we can even afford a car!
Well, really we can't but we pretend.

I'm off now to remain as motionless as possible as not to induce sweat or heatstroke.