Thursday, July 08, 2004

I Run Therefore I Am

I posted this on our Running Blog, but since no one really knows about it yet and we aren't really sure how it's gonna fly I will recycle this post on here...heh

Our half marathon training schedule calls for 8k on wednesdays which we were all set to do tonight. It was a little humid and a little hot. We decided to do a trail and head out. The marathoners were going too so we set off together deciding where everyone would be turing around to head back.

The trail is virtually flat except for a few hills getting there. It's wide and well shaded. We were told it would be 8k (altogether) if we went to the gate and back.

We got to the first gate and thought NO WAY we have not gone 4k. It's been to easy, the breathing to rythmic, our legs to light. So we assumed it was the next gate. The next gate was at the very least 1.5k away. Not a biggie, just more than we were supposed to do.

We stopped at the gate, had a drink and continued on our way. Still light legs, great breathing and energy to go go go.

Our run in the last k takes us up a hill and then back down. Tonight I flew up the incline, sailed effortlessly across the flat and fluttered down the other side.

This was an exceptional run for me!

I have no idea how long it took me, only that my legs are nice and tired now.

5k tomorrow night, then a rest day then long run Sat morning (7 am!!!!)

Happy running