Saturday, July 03, 2004

Long and Slow

ok ok so it wasn't THAT long but it's a start.

12k at 7am on beautiful day down an isolated (hilly) country road. Chickens and cows and all.

It was SO lovely. We ran with a bunch of marathoners that usually just blow past us on our shorter runs. They were great offering tips and advice. Also cheers us up the hills and even gave us a YAY at the end.

It really was a good run. Though Noah has been up since around 4am. Chris got up with him but I didn't really get back sleep very soundly. Let me tell you I will have NO problems tonight.

Odd my shins were a little picky in the last 4k or so. Not sure what that's about. It's not like I've never done 12 before or I went particularily fast or anything.

Oh well.

Happy running. :)