Wednesday, July 07, 2004

My 8 yr old son had a friend in slippin and slidin the other night.

To say this friend is a little "different" is an understatement. In winter he wears pink ladybug mittens, that he swears are dinosaurs. And this spring he showed up to our house with not only a pink (puff power) bike, but also a straw hat that was clearly meant for females (obviously most of this is hand me down from his older sister).

This boy's father died when he was just a baby. And he really is a nice boy (if not downright odd). He is "sensitive to red food colouring" it apparently makes him "jiggly".

He is always welcome at our house, my son (almost 2 yrs older than him) is constantly sticking up for him and defending his pink bike (though even he has issues with the ladybug mittens). Clearly both these things are like targets for bullies. I mean sometimes I kind of want to tease him (BUT I DON'T!).

So they were both here and about to have a slip and a slide.
The boy didn't fare to well the first couple of tries and only made it part way down the slide (he was on his knees, he didn't like the idea of the superman style the box recommends).
Brendan flew down many many times reaching the very end each time. He encouraged the boy to mimic his style and really fly down the run way.
This boy marches to the beat of his own drum (it may or may not be pink) and would not have it, he continued in his own style of slip n sliding until he successfully made it to the end! He was rewarded with a big splash in the little pool waiting at the end bumper.

He danced back to the beginning did a little spin and proudly proclaimed
"I'm an Egytian Princess!"