Sunday, July 11, 2004

My Weekend in a Nutshell.

My weekend started NON white trash enough. Friday night Chris drives father inlaw, son and father in laws Step grandchild up to the lake (2 hrs from here). Hooks everything up and is home by 10:30pm. We eat chinese food, since I expected him MUCH earlier and we planned on eating together. It's on the cusp of white trash, but I think we are safely on the NON trash side for this one.

Saturday morning, alarm goes off at 6am, I trudge downstairs for tea and toast (whole wheat with peanut butter). Followed by water. I throw on my running stuff, fill my water belt and wait for my ride.

6:45am ride is RIGHT ON TIME. We banter about going garage saleing instead of running. But people are waiting so we head downtown.

7:30am Running........

9 am..out for breakfast with my running group.

Then home...showered...fight with Chris...pack a few things.

See? STILL NOT WHITE TRASH! I would even say SO NOT WHITE TRASH at this
Chris and I putter for the morning. I buy new Fuel Belt (LOVE LOVE LOVE IT)from the running store, he installs an A/C in my friend's window

About 1:30 or 2 we grab some lunch and water and begin our drive to the lake. (note: now we do drive a pick up truck, though it's relatively new is an extended cab with extra doors,has passed emission test and hold NO guns)

We arrived at the lake around 5pm
Chaos ensues.

Father in law and his girlfriend were arguing in German (LOUDLY), that she ONLY BROUGHT CHICKEN BREASTS FOR DINNER and nothing else. He is pissed that she didn't bring any for us, since we had planned on eating together and we cooked last time and we brought a HUGE AND LOVELY CAKE! (Does that make them Euro-trash?) JUST CHICKEN!

So we immediately get back in the truck and go to the steaks and salads. Wait till they leave.

We eat. we go to the beach. Everything is great UNTIL WE GO TO BED.
Noah cries (loudly)for the beach from 10:30 pm - midnight. (this is where the the real white trashiness begins)
Noah finally wears himself out and falls asleep in his Dad's arms.
Silence follows.

He wakes 3 times in the night, each time uttering only a single "BEACH?" before going back to sleep.

8:00 AM Sunday Brendan wakes me up and climbs into my "bed" (I use the term loosely) with me. We chat until about 8:30am until Noah and Chris wake up. Noah immediately asks to go out side and hit the beach.
Brendan and Chris end up in a fight over who knows what. It boiled down to Chris asking Brendan to do something and Brendan refusing. MUCH YELLING FOLLOWED. Brendan is a dramatic little SOB and when Chris TOUCHED his arm, he fell to floor as if he had been kicked! HE SCREAMED And cried like a 2 yr old on fire. IT WAS HUMILIATING!

This went on for at least an hour, meanwhile Chris and I are packing the trailer telling Brendan we are going to the beach but he has to sit under the umbrella and not have ANY FUN!
Eventually it works itself out and we leave for the beach. I had a hard time finding the door handle of the truck with the paper bag on my head.

We hit the beach and everyone had fun.

We pulled out of the campground (which is actually more of an RV park...and everyone is a snobby snob snob) and went HOME.

Once we got home we had a sit and eventually went to the back yard. Chris mowed (since he fired me a few years ago) and I watered the flower gardens. I happened to hit the garage window with the water from the hose at one point and noticed a WALL of house flies so dense you couldn't see in the window. It was horrifying (yes I know..again with the bugs). Seems Chris had forgotten a garbage bag on garbage day and something truly awful happened while we were gone.

Anyway Chris has executed the flies (I HOPE) and is in the process of cleaning the garage...(I WILL NOT HAVE ANY PART OF THIS).

And here is the last WHITE TRASH evidence you will need.

around 11pm lastnight we were preparing to go to bed, I realized that the pillows were still in the trailer. I convince Chris that he has to come across the street with me to get them.
He strolls across the street in his UNDERWEAR and ONLY HIS UNDERWEAR! Now in his defense they were boxer-briefs but they were also white and had a tiny hole on under the waistband!

Well, we are off for a where did I put that paper bag?