Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Mystic River

We rented Mystic River lastnight. I have SO much to say about that movie.

Sean Penn? Can you say HOT. HOT HOT HOT. Did you see him without a shirt on? OH MY GOD!!! Almost made me forget it was a drama.

I loved everything about this movie, except maybe Mr Bacon. Can he suck any more than he did in that movie? Yes he can. let's not forget Tremors, or that invisible man movie. It's time to put him out to pasture perhaps he should persue a musical career. Oh right. HA!

Sean Penn was SO (hot) good. Suddenly now that he's not beating up photographers he's (hot) a great actor. Seriously...awesome stuff there.

Also, Tim Robbins...he's pretty stinkin convincing in this movie. I have pretty much liked him in anything he's done. But you rarely see him as creepy f-ed up guy. WELL DONE! Done well even.

Kevin Bacon....7 thumbs down. You are a girly man, your red shaky weak hands your scrawny little body. All of this I could forgive, if only you could act! Haven't you joined the scientologists yet??

Anyway, great movie. Not one I will see again, it's not an easy movie to watch. But I did find it riveting.

Also, Sean Penn? H-O-T HOT!