Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Hello, Zoot here.  I am hoping that I will be able to log into blogger from work so I can just post stupid crap all day to make Pam regret having asked me to guest post.

Kidding. Jeez. Although, if I can log in from work? I'm posting several times because I miss it!

The only problem? I have a bit of stage fright. So? I'm going to tell one of my most embarassing moments, which centers around RUNNING! See? Because this is a RUNNING Commentary? I'm so cool.

I ran track in high school. We had a very small school and a very small track team. None of us were fast or fit, but we wanted to do a spring sport, and in my school, thats all you needed to be on a team. The desire. No tryouts, ever.

Unfortunately - that small school also did not have the best picks of coaches. So - my track coach? Knew about as much about track as I did. Which was nothing. He made us run, like several miles every day. That was about it. No matter WHAT race you wanted to run, it was the same training.

When our first meet arrived. We didnt even know what races we were going to run. It was a city-wide meet and I was terrified. I was assigned the 400m as my first event and the 200m as my second. Thats one lap and half a lap for you non-runners. The 400m? I sprinted the whole thing and barely crossed the finish line alive. I didnt know how to run that kind of race. I killed myself and spent the next 20 minutes just catching my breath!

So - the 200m rolled around, and I thought - screw this. I'm just going to pace myself this time, and who cares if I come in last again. I already came in last once today.

The gun shot off and I started my brisk run. As I got closer to the finish line, I realized I could beat the girl in front of me. She was so close to me and I had tons of energy left. So I sprinted the last 50 yards. I remembered, during the last couple of yards, that I overheard another coach telling his runners to stick their chest out when they crossed the finish line, so if it was THAT close, they would have  a bit of a lead.

(I'm thinking, in retrospect, that was probably in battles for FIRST place, not for runners battling to stay out of LAST place).

Right as I got to the finish line, neck and neck with the mystery girl, I stuck out my chest.

And me - the perfect Klutz - tripped and rolled and busted my ass across the finish line.

That's a TOUGH fall to make going full speed.  The crowd, as a whole, GASPED. And "Oooooohhh"ed. It was horrid. I was bleeding and scraped and bruised and skinned. But? I was also laughing because I came to terms with my lack of grace at age 3 I think.

But you know? I dont even remember if I beat her or not? But I remember that fall....and the crowd gasping as one LARGE being. Good times. Good times.