Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Rain rain go away

It's supposed to rain, AGAIN tonight. Now I am used to running in all sorts of weather. Having started running in July last year, I ran through the hottest months and the coldest months. I was excited with each changing season for new running conditions. I LOVED running in the snow, even snow storms (a near death experience on a bridge with a plow was the high light of the winter). But I am sick sick sick of running in the rain.

Now don't get me wrong. I welcome a nice misting on the tail end of a hot run. I have even run through people's sprinkler to cool myself off.
But this year the rain is COLD and stinking wet! It will start off warm and harmless, we will get 6k in and WHAMMO! Torrential down pour! I mean Noah is starting to build an ark!

I swear to you, if it rains tonight, I am totally not running. Ok if it rains, I will run, but not if it's thundering. Ok ok...I will run in the thunder but I absolutley draw the line at lightening. That's it my foot is DOWN..there is no budging.

Besides I figure if it rains too much, Noah can come and pick me up!

Happy running!