Friday, July 16, 2004

So here I am laundering all things needed to go to my parents. (not at all aided by the 18 month old that keeps grabbing things out of the hampers and tossing them around the room)
Hubby went out lastnight to buy laundry soap.
He came back with sunlight liquid. Fine..whatever, I have no real HUGE preferences.
So, as usual I open it up to take a whiff....nothing.
Certainly a chemical sort of smell but no pleasant aroma at all.
How does this makes sense?
Wouldn't think be along the same lines as "unscented bath soap?"
I mean isn't one of the big reasons we even launder our clothing is so it smells nicely?
So let me get this straight....I run and make my clothes uber stinky. I mean the stench of all stenches say...and I come home and toss them in the wash with my new UNSCENTED laundry soap and they come out smelling like what?
Clean sweat?
I don't get it.