Thursday, July 29, 2004

They just don't make em like they used to Posted by Hello

We recently purchased a Mr Potatoe head for Noah.  Thinking he would have hours and hours of fun, rearranging Mr Spud with his various pieces into funny faces.

He came with NO extra pieces!
1 hat
1 set of eyes
1 mouth (toothy grin)
1 set of shoes
1 set of arm
1 set of ears
1 nose (red oval)
Where is the fun in that?
And the hat? Not the black bowler it once was, it's a green ball cap!
Mr's Potatoe head doesn't wear ball caps! He is far to much of a gentlemen for that!

My mother claims that her spud was an actual spud with pieces you jammed into it. I'm not sure I believe her, although she IS from Newfoundland.