Saturday, July 24, 2004


6am seemed to come earlier than usual today. After a week of almost no sleep and very little running I dragged my sorry butt out of bed downstairs begrudgingly (sp) and quickly sipped a cup of tea and devoured an unsuspecting banana.
I was still feeling groggy when my ride showed up at 6:45 am. I honestly thought today would be a bad run.
Turns out I was SO wrong. After a slow start I quickly felt better. I was winded at the top of the first hill but I recovered fast and was able to have a really good run today. I don't talk about pace and times here as they mean nothing to me at this point of the game. But I felt very strong for all 15km this morning. My legs are tired now so I know I worked hard.

Anyway, my trip was good. Uneventful really. 2 of my sisters live there too so there was much nattering going on. We ate and laughed and laughed and ate. It was much fun.

For my parents , this is their first time in an apartment. So they find it hard having such little space (no one is really sure why they moved to an apartment...but I was happy for the free appliances last year) other than that and the small kitchen, they love it. The whole idea of a balcony so novel to them. they have a little patio set out there and enjoy their endless cigarettes and coffee out there.
So of course little Noah was out there the whole time. Their balcony is actually quite large and it narrow on the one end where my mother has used it for storage. On this particular day she had a bowl of potatoes out there to dry, she had  apparently found a bad one in the bag and washed the rest to get rid of that nasty rotten potatoe smell.
My darling little demon seed spotted the potatoes and made a beeline for it. No one made it in time to stop him from grabbing two and tossing them off the (7th floor) balcony. I nearly collapsed with laughter's FUNNY!
My mom was terrified to look over the edge for fear of finding an 80 yr old woman (they live in a senior citizen building) unconscious on the ground.
Luckily no one was hurt. The rest of the potatoes were saved (and hidden) and we later fashioned a rudimentary gate to keep Noah out of storage area.

I'm pretty stinkin tired so for now....that's all I got!

Happy Saturday boys and girls!