Monday, July 05, 2004

Tonight tonight.

10k of mostly hills in this lovely running weather.
I didn't even drink my whole bottle of water.

Took us just over an hour, but we had tiny pit stop and my running partner took me through his garden to show off his wife's handy work. LOVELY!
We then finished that last 7.5k of our run, during which time we passed my garden! Not nearly as talented as his wife, but really this is our first shot at perennials. So he said that they thin out theirs every fall, as not to get over grown (who knew!) and that I shouldn;'t be surprised to come out one morning and find pots of lillies on my front step.

How lovely is that? I mean seriously..this man does not know me that well. We have been running together here and there for about a year, but haven't gotten to know each other all that well. Anyway,I thought it was lovely.

Happy running!