Monday, July 26, 2004

Totally tooting my own horn.

10k run tonight. SUPER cool night (19 degrees). Ran with a man I have run done most of my long(ish) runs with.

I ran my 10k in 61.45  tonight.  A personal best for me. At 5k we were at 29 minutes and I, we are clipping along (for me anyway). The last half of the route is hilly (not unlike the first half but you know hills suck more near the end) and we slowed down a bit on the last long hill but picked it up again for that last .5k.

I was shocked. Is it possible that my increased distances (sat am runs) are helping to increase my speed for my shorter distances???

Also? When did 10k become a "shorter" distance for me?

Scary! Considering a year ago I was struggling with 5k walk/run clinic.
Ahhh the power of addiction.