Saturday, July 31, 2004

Wet wet wet

This mornings run was good. Actually it was hard. It was only (only? ha) 12k but for some reason it was tough! And rainy! Sometimes VERY rainy!
But still a good run as no one was injured and we maintained a good chuckle the entire way.
We scoped out next weeks long run on the way home. OH MY GOD IT'S SOOO HILLY! A hilly hilly 17k.

In other news, while I was running up the last BIG hill of this weeks run, the girl behind caught up and announced to me that I now have "bulging" calf muscles!! (yes I kissed her full on the mouth. I considered some tongue)
How cool am I?

Seems I am not only forgiven for my mouth, but they think I have been a victim of the a bully! More than one of them received emails about me. I am not pleased about this, but will resist stirring the pot further. We rarely see her anymore anyway.

So now I will go and eat and be happy that I still have friends who have made it a point to tell me that they hope I don't feel like I should sensor myself in the future.