Monday, July 05, 2004

What kind of karma is this??

Sitting on the couch lastnight with my hubby, enjoying the stickiness that is Southern Ontario this weekend. We were watching Wonder woman (dear god!). Anyway we are sitting there sipping out homemade fruity slushies (or floaties as Brendan calls them) when...holy mother of God there is something on my foot! Yup a mosquito is BITING the bottom of my foot.
I killed him quite shortly afterwards but it stung like a bastard for a good while. Then I decided to hit it with the bactene to ward of any future itching. Not such a good idea. EXTREME stinging! It was like a hot needle in my foot. Apparently I had ever been bitten there before. F#@K that sucks!
OK so I am over that. Chris is sort of laying on my lappish so he can aggressively rub my ouchy spot. Suddenly, OUCH! My lower shin is now under attack! Yup another welt. And then later my thigh. Another welt.
What gives?

I leave our wonderful evening with no less than 3 bites. Chris? ZERO.
What? Not fair.
He even took his shirt off to offer more skin to them (who says chivalry is dead). NOTHING!

What have I done to deserve this? I come from a very mosquitoey northern Ontario bush surrounded town. I spent 2 mosquito infested years in Canada's arctic (Northwest Territories). You'd think my husband the pansy assed city dweller would be the fresh meat they'd be after.

Tonight I might dip him in honey and send him....wait...hmmm.

10k tonight, and humidity is supposed to clear out by then, actually I think it mostly has already. I am loving this summer.