Friday, July 02, 2004

Why do I do this to myself?

Brendan is having a friend sleep over.
That makes 2 8yr olds running amuk in my house right now.
The local greenhouse was having a buy 1 get one for $.99 sale on perennials and we made the mistake of taking them with us.
Holy mother of god. I was speechless at the end. They drove me nuts! Chanting and singing and shouting and cooing and whistling and screeching and talking and mumbling and laughing and snorting I was about ready to throw myself infront of a garden cart.

On the up side we got about $140.00 worth of flowers for the new garden for $40.00.

On the up UP side, my father-inlaw (ish) is taking them both to African Lion Safari in the morning. HA! May the force be with you my friend. (we will have only one child tomorrow. huzzah!)


Easy 5k tonight. Nothing special to report. We all practically crawled since we don't want to be tired for tomorrow's 12.
Let the fun begin.