Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Why emperor Palpatine Gets Great Parking

Cause my damn dog just ate his feet.
Brendan is none to pleased about this latest development in the empire let me tell you.
Clearly Dori is a new member of the rebel alliance.

In other news.

Nothing new!

Noah has learned to stand on the arm of the couch to do a wonderful face plant into the seat of said couch.
He has also accomplished the belly flop in THE TUB. No I don't see this are a great chiropractic move either.

I have no been outside yet today. It's to nice out. I need to sulk in here. Sort some shapes and stuff.

For the 2nd time this week (keep in mind it's ONLY Tuesday) my children have eaten their lunch AND more than half of mine.

Either my cooking is getting better or I'm getting skimpier with the portions.

I hate to admit it but Chris does all the cooking here. Well MOST of the cooking. He did 2 years of chef school and training so he's pretty good at it.
We recently bought a rotisserie (sp) thingy for the bbq, I attempted to make a chicken on it a few weeks ago. I cut the legs off because they stop the thing from turning. I COULD have tied them up...but that didn't even occur to me. No my first thought was to hack them off completely. Then I didn't put the thing together properly so the chicken (sans drumsticks) looked like a used briquette.

Now I'm not allowed to bbq anymore.

OH WELL! He does it way better anyway. Also he mows lawns better. ANd shovels snow. And no one can beat a window he's cleaned. See where I'm going with this?
Pass the bon bons and call me Peg.