Thursday, July 22, 2004

Yuck Yuck Yuck

Heeeeee... Pam is away and I get to play!!! Good grief that was almost poetry...

Hello world this is zeno from fasteddiesbullet. Pam was kind enough to invite me along to fill up her valuable space with a few inane words, and here they are. I hope you are having a great time "up north" sweetie.

So, what can I say that would entertain Pam's audience? Well, I know that she is a runner and is as healthy and fit as all get out, so I suppose I could talk about how I am a total slob with a smoking habit and a fondness for fatty foods. Or I could try and worm my way into the hearts of you, dear readers, by relating a drunken anecdote or two... but no, what I shall do is simply say, I am happy to be here and I will write something more digestible tomorrow.

Thanks for having me Pam!!! xxxx