Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Pissed Off Momma

I am so pissed off right now I can barely see straight.

Brendan has a friend, we will call him the weird little boy up the street, and this friend has one BITCH for a mother.

They were playing today with another boy, when the weird little boy up the street invited them into his house to play. The third child decided not to since he had a bike to fix (whatever), so Brendan and weirdo go into the house.
The mother, whom I will for now call BITCH, asks them both where the 3rd boy is. Brendan begins to reply "He went home to fix...." she interrupts him and asks her son Weirdo. Who tells her the same thing. She then tells them both "If you are lying you're both going to be in a whole lot of trouble"
excuse me?
I know I just posted about my son being a mouth piece but he is NOT a liar....nor is he mouthy to anyone but me (not even his Dad really).
So Bren comes home in tears that this woman (bitch) called him a liar and he was afraid that she would punish him in some way.
So that made me mad enough that she threatened to punish him in some way.
Then he tells me that a few weeks ago before leaving for California, he and weirdo and decided to not play with 3rd boy (3rd boy is often a liar and they hate that about him), well bitch got wind of that and told Brendan that if they ever exclude 3rd boy again (NOT relation to weirdo OR bitch) that she wouldn't allow him (Brendan) on her property again.

So they asked me yesterday if she could take Brendan to the fair with them...I've decided a big NO on that one.

Add all this to that fact that she still owes me $40 from a day trip we took her weird little son on and you have one pissed of woman.

I so want to call and scream obscenities are her.

But I won;t

for now.


That's right. School starts in one week and I couldn't be happier.
You see this year, Bren decided that he didn't want to go to ANY camps or play for any teams. He just wanted to play with his friends and be free all summer.

We won't be doing that next year.

He has been BORED out of his skull for the last 3 weeks. His best friend went to California and left him here to rot on my couch and wope and whine and mouth off.

He came close to death a few times.

He has learned the art of making me mad. I don't know when that happened. He was always such a GOOD boy. Now he's all mouthy and disrespectful. Making me second guess my decision to NOT spank my children.

I am sure (hope) he will straighten out once school starts. Although he's in total denial about it starting.

Well in other news, Chris is gone to work today. So I my blogging won't be so clandestine.
I've decided NOT to share this with him...probably ever.
He wouldn't get it.

Although the other day someone found my site by googling Pamalamadingdong. I thought for sure it was chris but no...they weren't from Canada.

So for now this remains by little secret.

Oh and my race? Is Sept 19th.

Monday, August 30, 2004


10 tonight and it was almost poetic.
No stopping (cept for a drink)
No walking.
Saw a rabbit.
And a squirrel dropped a stick on us (I nearly screamed like...well...a girl).

So I feel MUCH better about the whole running thing.

Hmm my family seems to be M.I.A. right now.
No one home AND the gate in the back yards seems to have been rebuilt!
Interesting what happens when I leave the house.

Thanks to everyone for their encouraging words.


Hubby is home today so blogging will be a minimum.
10k tonight and I am PRAYING for a better run (see saturday's post). It's much cooler and dryer and I'll be that plays a big role tonight.

I have to register for my race soon.
I am totally dragging my feet, though my "team" mates have declared. We've registered and since YOU are the one that got us into this mess, YOU better register too.
Sooo looks like I better do that soon.


Saturday, August 28, 2004

Today's run was...

I don't know what happened. Today's run was a REAL effort for me. At about km 6 I choked on a bug and almost vomited. Not pretty. I coughed for a while and had to stop to drink.
I then sucked down a gel and didn't drink enough water afterwards.
Yup it sat in my tummy like a brick, once it finally made it down there. I did stop to drink more to remedy the situation but it didn't seem to make much difference.

The route was REALLY REALLY hilly. And even though I ran each one, I did find myself needing to walk for a little bit on the some of the flat parts. I walked WAY WAY more than I would normally (normally being when we only walk for drink breaks, since running through them seem to almost drown me).

It was much hotter today than it has been for any of ours runs this morning. The humidity was 83%.

I ran my first 3 or 4km quite a bit faster than normal, having gotten caught up in a conversation and not noticing the speed until the rest of our group disappeared behind me.

Our time was about 2:37 and that's with 2 water stations (yes actual stations our lovely running club sets out...well hides old coolers in farmers fields) and my wimping out on occasion.

After we didn't even stretch we went directly to one woman's house and into her pool running clothes and all. It's been so cold that her pool hasn't heated up so it was a great muscle soak. We stretched in there and felt SO refreshed.

Now I am spent. My legs aren't sore. Just tired and heavy.

I hope this is not a sign of how the actual half will be on Sept 19th.

Can you say bonk?

More later

Friday, August 27, 2004

All Carbed up and Nowhere to go

Have I mentioned tomorrow's run is 22km?
We are running to the next TOWN and back!
The forecast for tomorrow is 70% chance of thundershowers.
Not good, since we take a trail back to town.
BUT on the other hand, the forecast has been SO wrong SO many times that I we will most definitely show up anyway just to see what's happening.

So tonight I will stuff myself with pasta (and bread just cause I love it) and drink my bladder full (and then some) of water and not know if we are actually running tomorrow.
I pray we run cause all that food is not going to look pretty one me laying around the house moping.
In OTHER news, I've convinced the no-carb-girl to not only eat some carbs today but to also let me pick her up a gel or two for tomorrow's run.
So all is not lost on that front.
She felt like crap after Wednesdays run and took the night off last night, so she may have seen the like (or the bagel who knows really).

And I am so going to talk about that for DAYS to come.

Shamelessly stolen from Sweety

Your name spelled backwards.Map that's why Zoot loves me so much.

Where were your parents born? >Newfoundlandshut up!

What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer? uhhh virus pattern updates probably... or email!
What’s your favorite restaurant? hmmm East Side Mario's? or the old old hotel restaurant down town here
Last time you swam in a pool? August long weekend of this year!
Have you ever been in a school play? The Grinch Stole Christman
How many kids do you want? Two....got em
Type of music you dislike most? rap/hip hop (if there is a difference)
Are you registered to vote? yes
Do you have cable? no
Have you ever ridden on a moped? I don't think so
Ever prank call anybody? OH Yes
Ever get a parking ticket? no
Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? GOOD LORD NO!
Farthest place you ever traveled. ummm Florida or Yellowknife I don't know which ones further
Do you have a garden? Yes! I have several flower gardens in my fronts and side yard. My back yard is all about the kids though
What’s your favorite comic strip? Calvin and Hobbes AND also For Better or For Worse
Do you really know all the words to your national anthem? Yeah I do.
Bath or Shower, morning or night? Shower in the morning and often at night as well
Best movie you’ve seen in the past month? The People I Know
Favorite pizza topping? onion and pineapple
Chips or popcorn? Chips popcorn chips..er....both please
What color lipstick do you usually wear? mostly lipgloss these days, otherwise the little one has lip prints all over him
Have you ever smoked peanut shells? well...no
Have you ever been in a beauty pageant? ha ha ha ha.
Orange Juice or apple? Orange juice meh.
Who was the last person you went out to dinner with and where did you dine? my runny buddies and we devoured a lovely buffet one of them made for our 1 year anniversary.
Favorite type chocolate bar? Cadbury caramilf, or nestle ANYTHING!
When was the last time you voted at the polls? last month? or maybe the month before
Last time you ate a homegrown tomato? bought some from the menonites just the other day
Have you ever won a trophy? No
Are you a good cook? it's all relative right?
Do you know how to pump your own gas? Yeahhuh!
Ever order an article from an infomercial? Almost!
Sprite or 7-up? I dunnot...sprite I guess
Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work? Yes!
Last thing you bought at a pharmacy? a crap load of vitamins.
Ever throw up in public? oh god yes. At a party on a kitchen table in grade 10 or 11 it was mortifying.
Would you prefer being a millionaire or find true love? hmm not a good day to ask me that.
Do you believe in love at first sight? No...lust yes..love has to grow.
Ever call a 1-900 number? hehehe YES! But I hung up when it was about to cost me. It was hilarious.
Can ex’s be friends? Not for me.
Who was the last person you visited in a hospital? my sister.
Did you have a lot of hair when you were a baby? bald as an eagle
What message is on your answering machine? "I'm sorry we missed your call leave us a message at the beep and we'll call you back."
What’s your all time favorite Saturday Night Live Character? Mary Kathrine Gallagher hands down
What was the name of your first pet? Inky...a little black dog
What is in your purse? Nothing right now, I rarely carry it.
Favorite thing to do before bedtime? Wake up my hubby and make him come to bed...and rub my back
What is one thing you are grateful for today? very berry cheerios

I Had A Dream

Last night on the way to bed. I made my usual stops in the kids rooms to tuck them in and make sure they hadn't expired in the few hours I had alone (with Chris snoring on the couch) in the living room. Brendan was fine, totally strewn across his bed, his duvet a wrinkled pile below his knees. Noah on the other hand, was sideways in his crib, his blond hair was sticking out between the rails of the crib and HIS duvet was bunched up on his face.
Could I leave him like that? Nooooooo, so of course I gently pulled the duvet away from his face. And then I rubbed his back. And I smoothed his hair. And then he sat up. And cried. So I picked him up and we had a rock. He cried. (I must've scared him).
Anyway long story short, he ended up scooting around our bed until just after 1 am. He had fun, gave me a fat lip and beeped Chris's nose about 2 dozen times.

When I finally went to sleep I was VERY tired. And I kept thinking, I need to sleep I have a big run on Saturday. So inevitably I dreamed about a half marathon (no the half is not on Saturday..don't worry). I dreamed I ran it with my hubby (non runner) and as we passed our house he decided we needed to stop in for a snack and a pee and possibly a change of clothes.
When we re-emerged there was no one around and every time we approached a water station they were packing it up. We catch up to what we thought were the slow runners only to discover that they were the 5k race people getting their awards.
It was mortifying.
I woke up before the finish line and "accidentally" punched Chris in the nose. (It was more of an arm flog with a fist at the end) so I have no idea how it ended. But I can promise you it wasn't pretty!

Tomorrow morning is our 22km training run. It's pretty hilly one way, but it's in the first 12km, so that's not too bad. My only hope is that some of this humidity is GONE by then. Bah the heat kills me.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

An Opinion Poll

Is it appropriate to let your two year old (son) run around in the back yard without a diaper on? Especially if he worked really hard to take it off?
Keep in mind the yard is completely fenced and gated.
Just wonderin

Feelin hot hot hot

Well summer is finally here! It's 37 with the humidex (or at least it will be this afternoon) and last nights run was hot and sticky.
Though for some reason the heat didn't bother me. I was fine with it. My running mates even had to ask ME to slow down! Some of them were bothered by the heat, so we took some extra drink breaks ( a lot of them...I'm just saying).
One girl in particular was feeling not so great. Turns out, near the end of the run that I walked a lot and ran very very slowly (even for me!) for her, that she has started a new diet. That's right a new diet just over half way through a half marathon training clinic. A new diet that limits her intake of, yup you guessed it, carbs.
No carbs for like 2 weeks.


Does anyone else see a problem with this picture?
She's going to run (for the first time) 22km this Saturday with NO carbs? No to mention that she doesn't take gels and won't even eat a ju jube at the water stop!
Why then, am I waiting for her again? It would be one thing if she was just feeling the heat and needed to go slower, I would totally wait for her. I know how that feels.
But a carb free diet?
I don't see me waiting for that on Saturday.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Yup Brendan needs a hair cut. But he usually loves his brother. Posted by Hello

And then there's the other end

Guess what happens when a tiny dog eats the contents of poopy diaper?
She smells like human feces for the entire night. It sort of emanated from her all night. I sprayed her with air freshener, but that faded quickly and she was but to her stinky self in no time. I couldn't find any frebreeze. So we banished her to the other side of the room. But the breeze came in the window and carried her ripe scent right over to us.
She sleeps in a cage near our bed and I swear to go I woke up several times and her odour wafted over me. I covered my nose with my duvet but MAN it was hot under there.

In other news, I tackled that disastrous 2nd floor wash room yesterday. I mean I even cleaned out the drawers and cupboards!! While I was organizing my drawer, Noah (unbeknownst to me) stuck his little hand in and grabbed a lipstick sample. (it was plum, not even his colour!) I didn't notice it until it showed up back in my drawer near the end of my endeavor it was just a nub of smeared colour. You know what means. Suddenly I understood why he was repeatedly asking me for paper.
I found the mess. It was on his leg...his bedroom floor (laminate thankfully) and all over the fish tank in his room. At least he didn't eat it. Or put it in his hair. Or colour our duvets (Chris and I have separate duvets and it keeps us very happy). The clean up was quick and easy. I am a little miffed at the loss of the sample, but I've been more of a mac gloss girl lately.

I better go and feed my dog some more mints. I am starting to lose my appetite and that's never a pretty site.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Doggie for sale!!!! Posted by Hello

See this dog? Cute right? Fluffy fleecy little thing. She stands on her back legs like a circus dog. She likes to cuddle and is terrified of squirrels.
Do you want her?
Her name is Dori and she comes with a nice cage.
I love this dog. Really...well...mostly.
I am getting a little sick of her eating POOPY DIAPERS!
I don't even want to touch her head area anymore cause that's digusting.
I found her eating the insides of yet another diaper today. And now my whole house?
Smells like poop!
What is with that?
Nasty nasty little dog.
I kind of hate her a little bit for that.

Monday, August 23, 2004


We ran on a nice rail trail tonight.
It was shady but the air was close so it felt pretty warm. Of course it was probably still under 30 with the humidex but we haven't had to run in much heat this year so we are wimpy when it finally shows up.

So my new bra was awesome without any chaffing. The real test will be saturday, I am sure I will chafe somewhere.

Tonight I wore shorts since it was too warm for my capris (LOVE THEM) and my flabby inner thighs chaffed.

Someone tell me how to tone these beasties! I can't wear shorts because they are HORRIBLEY rubby and I chaffe no matter what I do.
Butt'r doesn't seem to do much at all anyway ($20 down the toilet), I wore some tight shorts under my loose shorts but the tighter ones were reebok and totally sucked. The hem kept flipping yup and the seam completely trashed my inner legs.

HELP ME! I need smaller thighs.
I've heard cycling does it.
Maybe I will take a trip with the little on in tow tomorrow.

Any suggestions are welcome

my boring boring life

I bought a new bra today.
A new running bra that is.
My old ONE was slowly sawing me in half, at any distance over 10km.
I had purchased at least three more in the past year but I bought them at Winner's and one at Wal-mart (don't do that by the way) and none of them were as comfortable as the one I bought from the running store.
So today I finally went back.
I tried on at least 8 different kinds and types.
And bought the EXACT same one I bought last time (shamefully it was a year ago) only in a different colour.
And hopefully a different size.
It is by far the comfy-est one I've tried on.
And it's Brooks, which I also enjoy as a cheaper brand of running attire.
Still though the straight jacket set me back $49.99
Hopefully though, I will break it in before Saturday and it won't attempt to bi-sect me half way between here and my 22k.

How's THAT for a boring post!?

10k tonight and it's stinkin hot out.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

stringy hair day for Pamalamadingdong Posted by Hello

Why Buy the Cow?

We were at the mall this afternoon (GOD HELP ME I HAVE NO IDEA WHY), sitting in the food court (even WoRSE!) when a girl walked past us.

She was MAYBE 16 yrs old. Maybe. She had a belly shirt on, and low riding pants.
I mean LOW LOW.
So low that I could see just the top of the crack of her butt.
So low that in the front, I could just see that maybe she needed a little trim. If you know what I'm saying.

WHO wears that shopping? I mean to the bar, SURE! But the mall? That's just trashy.
(i'm kidding!)
Who lets their 16yr old out of the house with their naughty bits poking out the top!!??

I am SO glad I have two boys!

I shared a momma burger with Noah at lunch. I should apply it directly to my ass. I don't know what I was thinking. I was hungry. A & W was there..damn I wish I was a better bulimic.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Another Saturday Run

15k this morning.
Dare I say it seemed short?
Well not SHORT, but you know, it didn't suck.
Mind you none of my longer runs have sucked (yet).
Today was fast for me! My time for 15 was about 1.38 hrs.
Not lightening I know. But for me? whip lash fast.
This leads to me to believe that I am not always pushing myself on my runs.

When I started running I didn't know how to push myself. Seriously I didn't. I never had to before.
So during my beginner clinic when my legs started to hurt I would stop and walk.
Finally nearing the end, my coach ran with me one night and when she saw me getting tired she would say "ok I see you getting tired, lets have a break at that stop sign"
which seemed kilometers away....she would tell me to slow down and run (crawl) to the stop sign. And I did it.

After that night, I got home and I realized that, although running had been hard up to that point, I had never pushed myself before. Ever.
And from that day on I did. I stopped walking up hills (I mean really, is it any easier anyway? I just takes longer..I swear to god) and now when I push past that burning screaming muscles faze of a tough hill? I get GOOSE BUMPS! What is that about.

So today....while we were cruising along and I look back and 3 of my usual running partners are WAY behind, I think to myself, maybe I can run a half marathon...maybe more! Who knows.

Keep in mind however, I did run with 2 women who have run their share of marathons and are both training for Chicago...so they really pull you along. But still...it felt pretty good.

Oddly I drank little water today on my run, maybe 12 ounces? Weird. Half a gel (15k doesn't warrant a full one in my book) and about 3 jujubes.
Perfect run.

Next Saturday is 22k. You will be hearing that a lot this week.
I am excited.
And have already booked nap time for the afternoon.


Even with a shiner his cuteness is outstanding Posted by Hello

Friday, August 20, 2004


Guess what!
If you forget to pay your internet bill one month, they totally disconnect you!Can you believe that?Then?You have to send them a money order and wait until they receive it before they will hook you back up!
What! ever!

So Saturday I ran 18 kilometers, it was great. It was hard, but I wasn't struggling.It was awesome. I was DEAD for the afternoon, but I guess that is something I will eventually get used to. I hope so. This saturday is 15k and next saturday is 21k (our goal). She figured since we have a few weeks before our race that we had time to go the whole distance and then taper. I'm excited. And now, oddly enough, I'm pretty sure I can do it.
Nothing else much new really. My hubby shaved his face. His goatee is gone and for the first timein his LIFE he also shaved his mustache. It was SO weird at first. He has a scar on his lip from hockey that I had never seen before. SO strange. I am getting used to it now, but sometimes I still feel like I'm smooching someone else.
So now I am off to read all the blogs I was deprived of!
Did you miss me?
have you been watching the olympics?
I almost feel like I have to, since no one is actually there to spectate.Incredible.Canada, at this point is REALLY sucking. I believe as of today we like, one medal. And it's bronze.
Yup, still not up and running.Apparently they cannot locate our payment. Morons. They had to SIGN for the delivery and they cannot find it.Nice.I am totally having blog withdrawal.I dreamed about Mindy last night! Totally weird.She was my old boss (and by old I mean former not ancient...I maybe a smidge older than Mindy anyway)it wasall very odd. So tomorrow I run 15k in the morning. Seems like an easy distance now. But I won't fool myself. The last time i though...pshaw 12k is nothing...and it was one of my hardest runs. So I will look forward to the lesser distance of 15k but remember that I have one MOFO of a hill to climb to begin and miniature everest on the way back. (carbboom is my new bestest friend).
Well on another note, I am considering taking a Fitness Instructor course.I figure it will kill a whole lot of birds with one stone.

1) It teaches me more about something I am currently VERY interested in.

2) It makes me a tinsy bit more employable (IT pro/fitness instructor's are few and far between!I can tell you your subnet mask AND your target heart rate)

3) It has a focus on leadership skills (this should make Shiz happy). SOmething I seem to belacking these days.

4) I get to spend time with ADULTS!

5) It is scheduled for 2 weeks after my half marathon..and makes a good in between goal6) It may aid in my quest for fitness (could happen).
Anyway there you have it.I am off now, to call the internet ASSHOLES once again and bully them into actually LOOKING for my payment.

p.s.Did I mention that I hate automatic withdrawals? I HATE it.HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. One time we canceled a dial up service that we had paid on month to month basis, only to discover about 6 mnths later that they were taking payments out of my chequing account. I NEVER signed up for automatic debit with them.And it took me a few months to get that through to them.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Is it Just Me?

Or did the Olympic Flame torch thingy look like a giant cheech and chong style joint?

Thursday, August 12, 2004


Wow it's funny how the 35k I've done this week were relatively easy. Coming in clumps of 17, 10 and 8km.

tonight we ran 5k and it may as well have been 50k. It's not that I was tired or sore or needed to stop.
My legs were TIGHT.
Specifically the back of thighs (hamstrings? ew by the way..can we NOT call them something else?) were SO tight that by the end of my 5 I felt like I couldn't lift my knees up high enough. SO odd.
I did some extra stretching but I have that restless fizzy feeling in them tonight.

18k coming up on Saturday. Not nearly as hilly as last weekend but still it's 18kilometers!
Lord help me.

Kill Bill Vol 2 OR Why Darryl Hannah haunts my nightmares

We watched Kill Bill Vol 2 last night. And for all intents and purposes it was good movie.
Less brutal (not less violent this IS a Quentin Tarantino film afterall) than the first, it had a little more cheese and a lot more story.
I enjoyed it. Mostly.
It's not on my top ten or anything but then again I am not a person that claims Pulp Fiction was the greatest movie ever.

I enjoyed Resevoire Dogs but the brutality of it made it so I could not ever sit through it again, so I don't even remember much of it. Only that Harvey Keitel was in it (clothed) and someone lost an ear and of course the gun scene.

There weren't many special features on the DVD only the usual "Making Of" and that guy that made desperado and Spy Kids wrote all the music for Kill Bill 2 so they had him performing at the premiere (Richard Rodriguez?).

Anyway we watched some of the making of...and they of course had interviews with the actors talking about their characters (how deep and intense they are and how they are the most favorite characters they have ever played ever!).
Uma was lovely as usual even with her gargantuan hands.
Darryl Hannah, on the other hand was TERRIFYING! She is a scary botox zombie. I mean she has always been a little...off, but since this aging thing has gotten under way she has totally lost it. She looks SO different (not to mention expressionless) and she makes little sense in her interview. "What's cooler than cool?" uh ok. They had such TINY snipets of her interview, once could only conclude she made even less sense in the parts they cut out. So flakey.

Botox is bad....mmkay?

And now for a little pet peeve of Pamalamadingdong...
Now this did not happen on the Kill Bill DVD, but it does happen on MANY DVD and did happen on the 13 Going on 30 DVD... "Character Bios?Profiles"
What does that mean to you?
To me that mean CHARACTER profiles or bios or whatever you want to call them...the emphasis being on CHARACTER ...meaning a fictitious being involved in the plot of a story. Right?
WRONG...they are the actor bios. Why call them characters when they are not characters.
Uma plays *Beep* but she is not *Beep* that is her CHARACTER. So a character bio on *Beep* should include back ground tidbits on *beep* NOT Uma's filmography.

Are you with me?


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

8k in the cool fall air.

Cause for serious, that is what it felt like!!!
Which as any runner knows, is perfect freakin running weather.

This summer has been great for that.

So it was good steady 8k, we did a nice out and back trail (running over one 400 series highway), it was lovely.

I got nothing else right.

Off to watch Kill Bill Vol 2.
will let you know tomorrow.

ciao babies

Well today started off with a stark naked 20 month old shouting for me from his crib.
Luckily there were no surprises in the diaper.
I think today will be interesting.

I lost the lid to the cream cheese. I mean I opened a brand new tub of cream cheese, made my son a bagel, turned around to put it away and it was gone!
The shiny wrapper that covers the top is gone too, making me think I threw them in the garbage.

The NoseyParkers have been at it again.
last night at 8pm we had our children in the back yard (heaven forbid your children be out past 8pm IN THE SUMMER!) and the whole family was peeking out from the bedroom windows.
Nice (and inconspicuous).
The night before Chris and I ate a late dinner after I was running, I was sitting in my seat directly across from the patio doors eating (gorging myself) and I caught something out of the corner of my eye. Sure enough young NoseyParker is sitting in his window have a good gawk.
You see I am not just being paranoid..there is NOTHING else but my house he can be looking at.
He was watching us eat dinner!
I closed the blinds OBVIOUSLY, but not before giving him a wave, which made him duck down but no completely I could still see his eyes peeking at me.

Also...THANKS! I am feeling much better (and less self centered) about this upcoming race.
I guess I don't want to look foolish.
In answer to Mark, no the other runner's don't bother me (unless they are trying to pass me in the chute..biatch!) in fact I enjoy them.
And I LOVE being at the finish line and cheering in other runners.
I'm just a freak and I clearly need to get over myself.

But that was mean right? What my mother did?

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

This is a Running Post..avert your eyes if you're sick of the running posts

So I am 4km off my goal of 21.1km.
My half marathon is fast approaching.
Sept 19th. Run for the Grapes.

I haven't committed to doing it yet. Thankfully I have lots of time to hmm and hahhh about it.

Here's the thing.

I don't enjoy races.
Well actually more specifically I don't enjoy finishing races.

I call it "finish line anxiety".
Every race, and there haven't been THAT many, I am totally nauseous and at one I was actually gagging by the time I cross the finish line.

It took me a long time to figure out why! It's not like I am pushing myself THAT hard. I am not pushing to the point of vomit.

I think it has to do with the crowd at the end. All that hub bub. The finish line is such a huge deal.
I ran with marathoners (Again) last night and they were telling about why they love to run Chicago soo much (sorry Jon I know it's a sore spot) and most of it was because of the crowds and how there can be 20 thousand people at the finish line.
This sounds like TORTURE to me.

I hate eating in restaurants where I am in the middle of the room. I would much rather be in a booth off the side. I faked being ill for my first (and last) gymnastics competition. I hated batting in baseball. I did all the work leading up to it, but then dropped my law class in highschool when it was my turn to present my debate. I sweat at weddings when they have a receiving line. I quite Guides cause my mom called my leader and told her I got my first period and didn't feel comfortable going that night (I still hate her for that).

So what am I going to do? I furthest race I've run in 10k and was literally gagging at the end. (30 thousand people RUNNING that race). How will I feel about 21k!? How will I survive that? I will be mortified if I vomit! I can't take it.

Monday, August 09, 2004

So this is me..

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After biking down town and back dragging a 30lb toddler in a 25lb trailer. Watching my hubby wipe out (he's 38 going on 11), witnessing an accident and taking both children and (a bloody) hubby to a local cafe for lunch. Only moments before Noah, discovering his own uvula, puked on me.
Now I just have to drink some more water so I can run tonight.


We were out for ice cream last night, when suddenly the front end of the truck made a nasty noise (AFTER the ice cream thank God!).

Very quickly Chris lost the ability to steer (not good). We had to be towed back to town.

We have to fix something in the front end today...rod end? I don't know.

So we are off on our bikes to pick up the part!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

See those hands? Those are MY hands. How cool am I?? Posted by Hello

Saturday, August 07, 2004

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Have you heard?

I ran seventeen kilometers this morning.
I did not walk one hill.
We did it in 1:47:??
This is the farthest I have ever run in my life.
I am ecstatic about this accomplishment.
4km to go.
I can't believe my legs carried me that far.
The hills were huge. I should take some photos while I am out there one day.

The weather was PERFECT for a long run this morning. Almost chilly, so there was no heat or humidity to contend with.

My body feels good, except for the HUGE chafe I have under my bra line.
My legs are definitely tired but I'm not sore (yet). I am sure I will feel those hills tomorrow.


Friday, August 06, 2004


5k last night. It was so cool it was almost cold, which to me, makes for a GREAT run. Would've been a good night for greater distance, but it's 5k on our schedule.

Well truth be told we screwed up and did 6k. We had a nice pace. Stopped for a drink at one stop light (as opposed to every 15 minutes or so when it was MOFO hot out last week).

Anyway it was good run. 16k tomorrow morning. I am nervous! I made the mistake of checking out the route before hand. And it looks hard! I mean we did 15 last weekend, and technically I did do 16 once before. But for some reason I am chicken. I'm sure it will be fine.

In other news, we watched Hildalgo (I am not even bothering to look that up).
It was LONG and Viggo is NOT as hot as he was in middle earth. I think he had some fake teeth for Lord of the Rings, definitely hair and POSSIBLY coloured contacts.
This was NOT a good movie. And at one point I actually started to mock it.
It was too easy.
If you watch it, cause it might be worth a rent with there is nothing else, wait until he "sings" and then tell me you didn't mock him. I dare you.
It can't be done.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Do Americans know anything about Canadian politics?
No. Why would they? I mean most of them don't know we can our "leader" Prime Minister.
Not to mention his real name.

WHY THEN? Is our news bombarded with American election stuff?

I mean really? Does the world know that we recently had an election in Canada? No. why? Cause who else, other than (most) Canadians CARES? NO ONE!

I mean, I have nothing against our red white and blue neighbours but COME ON, I don't really care about their elections. Sure I understand they are a world "power" and once they've elected a new Prime minister..er I mean President by all means let's us all know. But I don't care the Bush and Kerry were campaigning the in the same town yesterday. See? This is too much information. I don't need to know this.


When's it over?

Insomnia and Life's Little Ironies.

So it's only midnight, but I skipped tonight's run and now I am not drop dead tired and so I can't sleep. I just crept down to take a pill and wait for that paralyzing fatigue to drop by and carry me back up to bed.

Mean while I will share with you, the irony that IS my life.
But before I begin you should know that I adore(ish) my husband and (sort of) wouldn't trade him for the world (but possibly for a bigger house).

Anyway, hubby and I met in a washroom in a bar in a college town in central Ontario. Hubby was going to school (environmental engireering) and I was just hanging out lookin grungy and going to great concerts...oh..sorry I think we call those SHOWS now...whatever.

So we meet and become friends...blah blah blah...we are together.
We have a baby (slightly before hubby turns 30...which was totally his idea) and we lived FAR FAR away from his family.

We move back to this area and settle...(sort of). A wedding comes up (not ours, we aren't really married) it's his cousin's wedding, a cousin that he likes. A cousin I haven't met.
So his mother (hubby's mother) gives me the back ground. This family is rich. Like REALLY rich. Like they own a good portion of the city rich.


I do finally meet them at the church on the day of this wedding. They call me Tammy and then snarl at Chris for telling them that, when they learn (the first of 3 times) that my name is actually Pam. The wedding itself is uneventful, afterward a horse and buggy picked up the bride a groom.
Big whoa.

Then we all went out to the parent's (the cousin's parents) house in the country. They own 60 acres of manicure lawn and treed land. Horses. Tennis courts. A pool inground with the zodiac circle thing tiled on it. you could eat off the floor of their barn(s).

The tents rented for this event were HUGE! The food...OH the food. so many course. Smoked salmon, veil (NO THANKS!)..chicken...OPEN BAR. International guests.
The whole she-bang.

And afterward? LIMO'S to drive us home. 40minutes BACK to the city. There were over 300 guests to be driven home. Sure we had to wait little for a car to come back but with 5 of them, the wait wasn't that long AND we had a car to ourselves. Pretty cool.

Anyway it turns out this cousin and I share birthday. Exact year. Exact day.
Weird huh.

here's the kicker.

The father of this cousin (we shall call him Uncle), EMPLOYS my father-inlaw as a PAINTER. Now don't get me wrong, he has a successful painting business but no where near the millions of dollars that Uncle is worth.

I mean seriously if you were worth literally millions of dollars would you not want your own brother (who cleaned up a tax mess for you about 40 yrs ago I might add) living comfortably? And not actually PAINTING? He's 65 yrs old and he is still painting.

Don't even get me started on the other brother (uncle) who chris won't even look at, that lives with a divorcee and is supported by her ALIMONY. He's a real treat.

So maybe irony is the wrong word here.
What I really mean is.
It's NOT fair!


Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Were my last two post's REALLY that bad?
I mean seriously?

Well...colour me embarassed.

Gone to work out.
Back soon.

Another post up at Len's

I think the heat has melted my brain

Now you all might be shocked by this, but I'm not pulling your leg.
Sometimes? Sometimes I'm a little flakey. Sometimes subtly is totally lost on me. Sometimes I state the obvious. Yesterday was one of those days, apparently.

You see Chris needed to work a little late last night, and he called me at 4pm and said he wanted to come and pick us up and drive us all back to Kitchener, where he would finish up (B could see him work a cool cherry picker thing) and we would grab something to eat.
So at 6pm he shows up (side note: He takes off his shirt and underneath his back is COVERED in a one million little water blisters formed, we think, because he was ready to peel but he worked in the heat all day and was really sweating..oooooooooh it was nasty loose wet skin...blech)we all jump in the truck and take off to where he is working.
He parks us in front of this TALL sign he is re-painting. He blocks one driveway with his truck (N and I are in it). He hops in the cherry picker, much to the awe of B and starts to work (he was only going to be 30 minutes or so).
So the driveway he blocked was access from the plaza (coffee shop) to the gas station. BUT they could easily use one of the other two driveways to the street and drive 200 ft to the gas station. So this one woman drops he hubby off and the coffee shop and decides to go and get gas (it was for 68.9!) she looks up at us and shakes her (old and flabby) head. Then she proceeds to drive very close to us. We are perpendicular and she is looking at me mouthing something. N is in the driver seat. HELLO!!!
So I give her a DUH!!!!! look and point to Chris. And shout out the window "you can't get through here, we are blocking the drive way. He is painting the sign."

She gave me a DUH look and drove away to the gas station and tried to complain (nothing happened) to the people in the gas station. Like THEY have a say.

Chris came down with the booom thingy and shook his head.

"Good one!" he said "You sure told her"
Rolled his eyes and continued on with his mission.
B got a little ride in the cherry picker when Chris needed to park it. I think he could've died at the moment and had been pretty sure he had lived a full and wonderful life.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Good lord. Today I am cleaning.
I am sweating like a lunatic.
My hair is a frizzy frizzy mess that needs about a pound of mousse.
My legs are a little tired from lastnight's run.
I am thinking of lifting weights tonight.
I need to add some cross training.
Biking maybe?
I appeared in PUBLIC in a swimsuit yesterday.My neighbours are STILL nosey.
Summer has found us. It's freakin hot.I liked the cool summer we were having up until now.There are 18 million toys on my living room floor right now.

I better go and finish up.

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Monday, August 02, 2004

huff huff I ran...gasp....with....huff..gasp Some...huff huff Different ....gasp gasp People

I arrived at my usually meeting place for running tonight (running store) and was quickly reminded that it is a civic holiday today. Right.
And NO ONE from my little slow group was there.
So the marathoners proclaimed..YOU CAN RUN WITH US TONIGHT!

For the love of god, they almost killed me.

Nooo I'm just kidding...was definitely a quicker 10 than I am used to but I know they were slowing for me. Which was nice cause they didn't seem to mind much. It was enjoyable to run with them. They offered so many racing tips such as; Don't believe them when they say "keep going you're ALMOST done" you are only almost done if you can SEE the finish line. Don't listen when people yell "pick it up! go go go faster faster" chances are these people do not run and are trying to kill you. Carry your fuel belt cause who knows if you will need a drink between stations. WALK through the water stations, gives your heart rate a chance to come down and it's much easier to drink (I learned this one myself on a 10k race....almost choked to death trying to run and drink...disaster). If you are used to one type of gel, carry it with you, the race may provide a kind that will not agree with you.
They were great, they had so much info to offer on every subject. To imagine them in a 5k clinic! They were once beginners. They consider themselves to be slow runners!!! One of them runs marathons in negative splits!
And at the end of our run? They thanked me for a nice run! HA! I thanked them for not ditching me in the middle of the trail.
It was sooo hot 39 with the humidity. I hate the close heat feeling you know what I mean? No matter how much you sweat it's only going to drip off of you, there is no evaporation and therefore minimal cooling (I think that's how it works anyway). And of course today while I am filling my fuel belt bottles I drop ONE in the sink, on top of a raw chicken...covered in spices...and bbq sauce.
NO TIME to clean it. I filled the other three and headed out, I NEVER drink all four.
Today I ran out of water just as we were finishing and would have loved to sip number 4 while waiting for my ride.
Oh well.
I desperately need a shower.

CSI is on tonight...woohoooooo !

alright alright alright I'll admit it

I watched Amish in the City lastnight and I kind of liked it.

ALTHOUGH, we have A LOT of Menonites around here and while I realize they are not exactly the same, they do have many similarities.

Did you notice that the 2 amish chicks had pierced ears? And that one (hot) Amish dude with the bad teeth and the funny voice? EARRING! Hello?
Amish chick Ruth was soooooo moved by the ocean that later, she had to have a smoke. A smoke? Do they fashoin their own? is that NOT a modern amenity? bah!

(Actually I shouldn't even start my Menonite rank, it's not very PC but I will say this one thing, lately a lot of the menonties around here have been driving cars. Black ones. Someone that black caddy will not make them vain or proud but a red one? STRAIGHT TO HELL.
What's with that?

Other than that, I totally enjoyed it. Mose remind somehow of a Russel Crow in not so sexy kind of way. I believe that if Jonas stays in the modern world he will become a serial killer, cause that dude is freaky.

I want KevAAAAAn to teach ME to swim.

Ariel is a bimbo.

Other blond girl puts out...I can just tell.

That other girl, 18? Shouldn't be there. I think she's going to be annoying. But I guess that's her thing.

Gay boy is funny and dramatic. He will be entertaining.

That guy from Boston?? Annoying...but he might turn out to be entertaining.

Baby is up! Must go and put on my mommy hat again.