Friday, August 27, 2004

All Carbed up and Nowhere to go

Have I mentioned tomorrow's run is 22km?
We are running to the next TOWN and back!
The forecast for tomorrow is 70% chance of thundershowers.
Not good, since we take a trail back to town.
BUT on the other hand, the forecast has been SO wrong SO many times that I we will most definitely show up anyway just to see what's happening.

So tonight I will stuff myself with pasta (and bread just cause I love it) and drink my bladder full (and then some) of water and not know if we are actually running tomorrow.
I pray we run cause all that food is not going to look pretty one me laying around the house moping.
In OTHER news, I've convinced the no-carb-girl to not only eat some carbs today but to also let me pick her up a gel or two for tomorrow's run.
So all is not lost on that front.
She felt like crap after Wednesdays run and took the night off last night, so she may have seen the like (or the bagel who knows really).

And I am so going to talk about that for DAYS to come.