Monday, August 02, 2004

alright alright alright I'll admit it

I watched Amish in the City lastnight and I kind of liked it.

ALTHOUGH, we have A LOT of Menonites around here and while I realize they are not exactly the same, they do have many similarities.

Did you notice that the 2 amish chicks had pierced ears? And that one (hot) Amish dude with the bad teeth and the funny voice? EARRING! Hello?
Amish chick Ruth was soooooo moved by the ocean that later, she had to have a smoke. A smoke? Do they fashoin their own? is that NOT a modern amenity? bah!

(Actually I shouldn't even start my Menonite rank, it's not very PC but I will say this one thing, lately a lot of the menonties around here have been driving cars. Black ones. Someone that black caddy will not make them vain or proud but a red one? STRAIGHT TO HELL.
What's with that?

Other than that, I totally enjoyed it. Mose remind somehow of a Russel Crow in not so sexy kind of way. I believe that if Jonas stays in the modern world he will become a serial killer, cause that dude is freaky.

I want KevAAAAAn to teach ME to swim.

Ariel is a bimbo.

Other blond girl puts out...I can just tell.

That other girl, 18? Shouldn't be there. I think she's going to be annoying. But I guess that's her thing.

Gay boy is funny and dramatic. He will be entertaining.

That guy from Boston?? Annoying...but he might turn out to be entertaining.

Baby is up! Must go and put on my mommy hat again.