Wednesday, August 25, 2004

And then there's the other end

Guess what happens when a tiny dog eats the contents of poopy diaper?
She smells like human feces for the entire night. It sort of emanated from her all night. I sprayed her with air freshener, but that faded quickly and she was but to her stinky self in no time. I couldn't find any frebreeze. So we banished her to the other side of the room. But the breeze came in the window and carried her ripe scent right over to us.
She sleeps in a cage near our bed and I swear to go I woke up several times and her odour wafted over me. I covered my nose with my duvet but MAN it was hot under there.

In other news, I tackled that disastrous 2nd floor wash room yesterday. I mean I even cleaned out the drawers and cupboards!! While I was organizing my drawer, Noah (unbeknownst to me) stuck his little hand in and grabbed a lipstick sample. (it was plum, not even his colour!) I didn't notice it until it showed up back in my drawer near the end of my endeavor it was just a nub of smeared colour. You know what means. Suddenly I understood why he was repeatedly asking me for paper.
I found the mess. It was on his leg...his bedroom floor (laminate thankfully) and all over the fish tank in his room. At least he didn't eat it. Or put it in his hair. Or colour our duvets (Chris and I have separate duvets and it keeps us very happy). The clean up was quick and easy. I am a little miffed at the loss of the sample, but I've been more of a mac gloss girl lately.

I better go and feed my dog some more mints. I am starting to lose my appetite and that's never a pretty site.