Saturday, August 21, 2004

Another Saturday Run

15k this morning.
Dare I say it seemed short?
Well not SHORT, but you know, it didn't suck.
Mind you none of my longer runs have sucked (yet).
Today was fast for me! My time for 15 was about 1.38 hrs.
Not lightening I know. But for me? whip lash fast.
This leads to me to believe that I am not always pushing myself on my runs.

When I started running I didn't know how to push myself. Seriously I didn't. I never had to before.
So during my beginner clinic when my legs started to hurt I would stop and walk.
Finally nearing the end, my coach ran with me one night and when she saw me getting tired she would say "ok I see you getting tired, lets have a break at that stop sign"
which seemed kilometers away....she would tell me to slow down and run (crawl) to the stop sign. And I did it.

After that night, I got home and I realized that, although running had been hard up to that point, I had never pushed myself before. Ever.
And from that day on I did. I stopped walking up hills (I mean really, is it any easier anyway? I just takes longer..I swear to god) and now when I push past that burning screaming muscles faze of a tough hill? I get GOOSE BUMPS! What is that about.

So today....while we were cruising along and I look back and 3 of my usual running partners are WAY behind, I think to myself, maybe I can run a half marathon...maybe more! Who knows.

Keep in mind however, I did run with 2 women who have run their share of marathons and are both training for they really pull you along. But felt pretty good.

Oddly I drank little water today on my run, maybe 12 ounces? Weird. Half a gel (15k doesn't warrant a full one in my book) and about 3 jujubes.
Perfect run.

Next Saturday is 22k. You will be hearing that a lot this week.
I am excited.
And have already booked nap time for the afternoon.